Our World – A Stroll at Philbrook

I was feeling a little bit of the weight of the world on me the other day so I went to Philbrook Museum of Art to get my head on straight. Thanks to Nana, the world’s greatest MIL we have a membership to Philbrook so I can whenever I want. If they are open, I mean I have been going there for years but they still haven’t given me a key. Perhaps I should ask?


They have a special exhibit by Anila Quayyum Agha called “Shadow of Time.” Instead of paintings and sculpture she has this steel structure with a powerful light inside that fills the whole room with light and shadows and it is mesmerizing. A single piece that fills the entire exhibit space. I’ve never seen anything like this before. One reason I like museums is that I want to see things I’ve never seen before.


Speaking of that kind of thing, there is another exhibit upstairs showing paintings by Eric Saall. So I am like, okay, I feel inadequate on abstract paintings but some of these are are pretty cool in that he painted them on stage during a ballet. And on a platform that was being moved around. Sounds kind of gimicky? Maybe, but cool idea I think. Cool ideas are another reason to go to museums.

Here’s a “test video” of the process.


Another painting upstairs is this one “Victory for the Water Protectors” by Kent Monkman. It is about the vicious DAPL protests in North Dakota a couple years ago over the Dakota Access Pipeline construction. Lots of high emotions on both sides. Lots of finger pointing on both sides. With the passage of time I’ve come to see that many Native American’s viewed the dispute in terms of their overall history of relations with European descended Americans where they continually got screwed out of their land and rights. So I have made my peace with the painting.


And then I ventured outside to the Philbrook Gardens on a cold day. I checked out the cabin they built there.


And I checked the signature Tempietto in the gardens. And then it was time to go, all done in an hour and a half, getting my head back in the game.

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9 thoughts on “Our World – A Stroll at Philbrook

  1. Ellen

    I’m sorry you have so much on your shoulders right now. Thank goodness you know the importance of taking time for yourself to become recentered. The shadow exhibit looks amazing. I’m learning to have more respect for abstract art, but it’s really not my thing.

  2. Amy Franks

    My late grandfather was an artist and use to hold exhibitions in Auckland City in the 1960s, I like studying various forms of art now as an adult, it’s good to see other perspectives of what we think art is.

  3. Driller's Place

    Excellent set of images Yogi. Like you, I love our local museum and for exactly the same reason, I am going to see things that I will never see otherwise. It’s been several months since my last visit to Crystal Bridges and that is entirely too long. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fun60

    An ideal present from your mil . It is good to have somewhere to go where yoh can escape for a while and try and get some equilibrium back into your life. I like the first exhibit.

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