Oklahoma Spring Skies


We have had some strange weather in Oklahoma lately. Except that all the weather in Oklahoma is strange. It makes for some nice sky scenes. The above is from south Tulsa looking north. You can just barely see downtown Tulsa in the left center.


From the same vantage point to the southwest. The high rises just to the right of center is the former Oral Roberts City of Faith Medical Center, now just office buildings.

I always say a prayer when I see an ambulance, fire truck, police car, or medevac helicopter.

And a helicopter came buzzing in to the hospital building where I shot these images. The heliport is on the top floor. My brother still has serious medical issues and your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I am thankful for the dedicated doctors, nurses, nursing techs, therapists, case managers, and others who are in the medical field that work hard to take care of sick people.

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15 thoughts on “Oklahoma Spring Skies

  1. Vicki

    Oh my goodness, I always say a prayer when I see or hear an emergency vehicle too!!! People look at me strangely when I’m talking or listening to someone and stop to pray, but I would want someone to pray if the person was my loved one or friend, so I do it for everyone.

    I’ll be praying for your brother 🙏

  2. Eileen


    The dramatic skies are interesting and beautiful too. Sending prayers for your brother! Thanks for hosting.
    Wishing you a happy day and a great weekend ahead!

  3. Pat

    Beautiful sky views, Yogi! You may be having strange weather there but we are the ones having all the snow this winter…lol!

  4. Angie

    Alan – those skies do look a bit ominous – thunderstorm approaching? We are continuing to keep your brother and your family in our prayers.

  5. Alana

    I live about a mile from a hospital, and if I’m walking on our main street I see ambulances a lot. I also work several blocks from a private ambulance garage in downtown Binghamton, so I see enough ambulances and I always think of those inside when the lights are on, too. I am happy to know many other people do. Our medical people are going to need all our prayers in the days and weeks ahead. The first shot is so dramatic.

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    John, my husband, has many health issues. He has been in and out of the hospital since August 2019. Agreed. Doctors and nursing staff are incredible. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

    Cloudy skies photographs are top-notch.

  7. Sallie

    So It would be strange if the weather weren’t strange? What a conundrum. All that strangeness sure gives you some gorgeous skies though. I hope your brother’s health improves and I’m glad he is getting good care.

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