Skywatch Friday – A New World

A new world was born for me this week.

Heather with Rascal
Heather and Rascal – they leave me behind when I start take photos, I don’t blame them. Nothing more boring than watching other people take photos.

Social distancing, remote working, hunkering down fell down on us in the US quickly as our national leadership finally acknowledged the reality of the Corona Virus and started treating it as a public health problem instead of a public relations issue.

TWo pear trees impression
Yep, I edited this heavily. Topaz Studio is my favorite right now.

Better late than never orders are out to shut down restaurants, schools, gyms, almost any public place. The RiverParks authority has even requested that we maintain six feet of space if come upon somebody while running or bicycling on their trails.

It rained heavily this morning and was threatening more is the reason I didn’t go to Turkey Mountain. Yep, this is edited also with Topaz Studio to get an impressionist type feel.

I’m kind of worried about my brother who is in a rehab hospital. I try and visit him every day but I worry about putting his and other patients health at risk. Nobody else visits him though so I show up every day during the restricted visiting hours and visit with him. Phone communication has worked out very well with him.

tree lichen 1
For some reason I am loving taking photos of lichen lately. And yes, I edited this photo as well. True Confessions.

From what I read, we may be hunkering down for quite a while so figure out a way to survive and thrive. I went on a walk with my wife and one of the dogs in the neighborhood with my camera. I am looking at familiar things in new ways, trying to determine what my new normal is going to be.

So be safe, make sure that you double check your sources of news, wash your hands and lets be kind to one another. We are all each other have.

Skywatch Friday

27 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A New World

  1. Barb

    A new photo editing app is just the thing when you need a diversion! I like the atmospheric pics. A CO rehab now has 2 cases of the virus – a worker and a patient. Can Bob Skype or Facetime? I bet he looks forward to your visits though. Bob and I are in isolation. Feeling well but we were in Vail 10 days ago just when they started having outbreaks. It’s an ever-changing world, and we must adjust to it. You and your family stay well. Is Logan’s college on hiatus?

  2. A ShutterBug Explores

    Wonderful post and photos ~ Hope your brother is well ~

    In MA they are not allowing visitors to nursing homes, rehab and other health places ~ It is a dreadful situation and we are in this together ~ hope more and more people will realize that and soon ~

    Keep calm and Be well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Gaelyn

    Fun stuff with the new app. These even weirder than usual times require us all to make changes, not all bad. Hope you get to visit with Bob in some way. Glad you are surrounded by family, even the real furry ones.

  4. Angie

    Alan – thanks for the reminder to be kind to each other. Right now it is refreshing to be at home with very little on the agenda, but we all may be climbing the walls in a few weeks! Hoping you and your family continue to stay well, especially your brother.

  5. Vicki

    I work at for Advent Health in a Rehab/Nursing Home and we are on lockdown. Nobody other than employees are allowed in, so it’s nice that you can still visit your brother. I hope you and your family stay well!

  6. Nancy Chan

    The movement control order started on 18th March and we are all expected to stay home except to buy food or essential items. Everyone should be home by 8 pm. Armed forces and police are putting up road blocks to ensure that everyone follow the order. Hope everyone cooperates to curb the spread of the virus.

  7. Eileen

    I hope your brother is well. It is good to keep your distance, washing hands was always important.
    I love the edited photos and the lichen. Hubby and I take our walks and rarely see other out walking.
    Thanks for hosting. Stay safe and healthy! Happy Skywatching! Enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  8. Cathy Kennedy


    These are uncertain days. I hope this dark cloud blows over soon which can’t come soon enough but as you said, I will survive and thrive making the most of the situation giving all of my worries over the One who has everything in His hands. Be healthy and well. Prayers to you and yours, my friend! Incidentally, I stopped over at the SWF blog but there isn’t a linky. Here’s my SWF picture for today. Have a good weekend, my friend!

  9. SusieOfArabia

    Hi Alan – Love your manipulated photos on today’s post. My hubby and I have been in self imposed exile for 2 weeks now. The whole country is basically shut down, except for groceries, pharmacies, and gas stations. Streets are empty and all international flights are canceled. So I’m having fun playing around with my photos too. Stay safe.

  10. Alana

    Alan, it’s difficult for those with family members in hospitals and rehab – one of my co workers is in that situation with her mother, who is hospitalized and is in a bad way (not virus related). We have two local cases as of right now both in a hospital about a mile or so from where I live (upstate New York). 117 pending tests. The fact that they tested so many at once is a bit scary in itself as testing is so hard to find. I’m working from home now but off today. I’m thinking of you and your brother and hope you can continue to get out. Skywatch is so important to us all now; so happy that the linky is back up and running. i’m also happy Oklahoma is finally realizing this is not a drill. Good luck.

  11. DeniseinVA

    Great photos and I love that effect on your photos. Real works of art! Yes all a little strange this sheltering in place, but it’s for the good of all. You all stay safe and happy. Love your last paragraph and agree whole heartedly.

  12. Amy Franks

    We haven’t closed restaurants yet here in NZ but limits hve been set on having 100 people in doors. I’m hoping this is over and done with soon.

  13. Peter B.

    Well said, Alan. A wonderful post. My granddaughter’s school is closed for the next 8-9 weeks (basically until summer), so that’s turned our world upside down!

  14. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    My husband has been in and out of the hospital since August 2019. Recently, the doctors requested him to go in for a blood test every Wednesday. There have been some changes made. A guard meets us at the door and does ask us questions. We check-in. The difference is there aren’t any people waiting or going into elevators. It is quiet.

    Everything is shut down. Fewer planes fly over during the day or at night. Again quiet. Less traffic. Saw an elderly man holding an umbrella and riding a bike at the same time. Huge lines at the grocery store with a lot of empty shelves.

    The world is upside down right now, but there is hope.

  15. Linda W.

    Image #2 has a Van Gogh look to it!

    I don’t have a solution to the puzzle of how to safely comfort someone who is in a hospital or care center. I’m sure you’re washing your hands before you see him, but the risk is still there. I have other online friends in similar situations. Sending prayers.

  16. Driller's Place

    Some of my favorite personal photos are captures of lichen and moss growing on objects along local trails. Visit your brother while you can, I know of one hospital that has banned visitors completely with the exception of birthing mothers and end-of-life situations. I’m starting to get to all of those small projects around the house, like organize the photo/office supply closet, make a photo book on Shutterfly or ReSnap, prepare the lawnmower for another season, practice a little off-camera flash photography, watch some online classes from various sources. Have a blessed week and stay safe.

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