Skywatch Friday – Socially Distant Bike Ride


Here we are still sheltering in place, along with most of the rest of the world. Here we can go out on errands like grocery shopping and such including outdoor exercise as long as we practice social distancing. I went out on a bike ride along a bike path close to the house.


I’ve ran, walked, biked and geocached along this path dozens of times over the years.


Generally I have this 20 plus mile trail to myself but not any longer. Lots of people are looking for a little exercise to make our stay at home more bearable.


I had never seen so many people on this trail.


But there is still wide open spaces.


And when we were passing each other we all got way over on the edge of the trail.


I’m actually kind of hoping that people make this being outside a permanent part of their lives after the crisis is over.


I saw an interview with our latest national hero Dr. Anthony Fauci explained about the seasonality of viruses. He says it is not the heat, its the ultraviolet light from the sun that kills the viruses. I killed a bunch of them yesterday. But because I am skin cancer survivor I slather on the sun block very heavily. Can the viruses hide under my sunscreen? Just thought I give fearful something to be afraid of (not really.)


And that is a wrap as I turn off my Go Pro clone.

Are you spending time outside, fully in compliance with whatever orders you are under? Tell me about it.

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22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Socially Distant Bike Ride

  1. Eileen

    Hello, looks like a great bike, run or walk trail. We walked on our bike trail today, saw lots of people here and there keeping their distance. The sunlight feels good, great photos. Thanks for hosting Skywatch!
    Take care! Wishing you a happy day!

  2. KlaraS

    We do social distancing too. Unfortunately the weather forecast is good for the next week, so it’s gonna be hard for people to stay at home.

  3. Nancy Chan

    We are only allowed 1 person from each household to go out to buy essentials. Other than that, everyone has to stay inside the house. We miss our early morning walk in the park.

  4. Driller's Place

    We walk the dog in the neighborhood and see several of our neighbors, some for the first time in the six years we have livid in this neighborhood. I went to a local lake to do a little fishing off of the dock yesterday and had the to my self for a couple of hours. When I go for a photo walk, I am usually in a place that social distancing in not a problem. Like you, I hope the outside thing become a habit, especially for the youngsters who have discovered that nature walks can be great fun and full of exciting discoveries.

  5. Ellen

    I envy the trails you have access to. Hopefully it will get warm enough here soon to start spending more time outside…it snowed last night. Sunshine and fresh air is the best thing for brightening up a bleak situation. Stay safe!

  6. Jeanna

    How goes the biking, Yogi? I’m still at it and practicing how to get on and off the thing every day, lol. You’re better at this whole getting out in a pandemic than I am because seeing all these people crowding normally unpopulated places and trying to get as far away from them on a woodsy bike path with a drop off into a swamp does not always make me think, “I hope they keep this up.”

  7. Carolyn Cyphers

    I definitely need to get out more… but more to the point.. I can only get my blog to work with Skywatch Friday about half the time.. I do not know what to do to get my sky photo to be included in the mix for me to choose from. As I said it works properly about half the time. If you can help I’d be delighted.

  8. Peter Berggren

    Glad you are getting out, and looks like a great ride. I walk with my granddaughter most every day in our neighborhood. The sidewalks can make social distancing a little challenging (3 feet instead of 6) but it’s just for a brief moment. I did end up getting in the car and driving out to the desert for a hike on Tuesday. I didn’t see anyone else, but technically it’s not exactly sheltering in place. Oh well, it’s good for my mental health. Stay safe and healthy!

  9. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations from Illinois. I am taking an online exercise class. I also go out to take pictures. I am enjoying the last two days of sunshine. Lately, it is raining and gray. More rainy days expected this coming week. You take care now.

  10. Amy Franks

    So nice being able to get out and about. People here aren’t even allowed to go out biking, only walking locally. Can’t wait until it’s all over.

  11. Linda

    So glad to hear that Dr. Fauci agrees with me about the sun! It not only disinfects but it provides vitamin D, which is good for your immune system.

    Our parks are more crowded too. People are bored. We are designed to work.

  12. klara

    you are lucky that you have such a path close to your home. here in Belgium, we are allowed to go for a walk in nature, but, as I found out today, all the parkings around the big forest are closed. go figure!

  13. Sallie

    Socially isolating together in our tiny traveling tin can … necessary travel to get back home. To Oregon. All the sunshine in the world can’t cure Florida governors stupid. (IMHO). We’ve been able to walk at rest stop areas and in RV parks without coming close to other people so far and have not needed to buy anything yet excep gas. Bill wears mask and gloves to do that. Its a whole new world out there.

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