Our World – Turkey Mountain (again)


So last Friday I ventured out for another run on Turkey Mountain. Sorry for being so repetitive but when the weather is hot I love heading to the shady dirt trails. This time I went on the east side, which some people call the back country. Not near as many people in the back country and easier to get lost.


It’s an Urban Wilderness so in addition to powerlines there are a couple of pipelines. This one is Enable Midstream Partner’s transmission line to PSO’s Tulsa Power Station. I used to work for Enable you see. I hope that I am not giving away any secrets. This is an old pipeline, not sure how old but pretty old. New pipelines have more modern technology where they would drill this little segment instead of putting it above ground.


Somebody used the pipe to mark the Pink Trail. Or maybe Enable is saying that gas can flow both ways.


Got up to a sign notifying that the trail ahead is closed because of renovations to the West Side YMCA. I had to go check it out.


Can’t go any further. They are really revamping the site. It’s going to be great. But anyway I head back.


And take the Snake Trail back to the parking lot.

I didn’t go very far but I went far enough.

And then, I am continuing to scan old photographs. Below is one my favorites.


It’s my late mother fishing for trout in Idaho’s Birch Creek way back in 1987. She had MS but she was tough. She would pick a nice spot and go fishing. If she caught any that’s great, if she didn’t, it didn’t bother her too much because that is why they call it fishing instead of catching.

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10 thoughts on “Our World – Turkey Mountain (again)

  1. Penelope Notes

    Fishing instead of catching … haha … never thought of that but so true! What a sweet pic of your mom. Yep we are all looking at old pictures nowadays.

  2. Sallie

    The Tulsa “backcountry” is a great place to run or walk, whichever you’re doing these days. I would like the fewer people part, but would probably get lost unless there were a lot of pink markers. Your mom looks so happy … you come by your love of the great outdoors from her as well as your dad.

  3. Driller's Place

    I am so glad that Turkey Mountain is finally getting some long overdue TLC. I am also very happy that it will remain an urban wilderness that the citizens can get out and enjoy a truly untamed land.
    We have an absolute boatload of family pictures to go through. Growing up neither of our families took many photos, but I have made up for lost time over the past 35 years. I really need to get started on a scanning project. I had to get a new printer/scanner recently so maybe the motivation won’t be far behind. Have a memory recalling trip down photo lane.

  4. Barb

    I don’t like the sound of Snake Trail! One of the perks of high altitude (for me) is no snakes. I have plenty of other wildlife to keep me alert! You’re lucky to have saved that urban wilderness. Our green spaces and wild places are treasures we must try to protect.

  5. Eileen


    I would stay in the shade too, it is much cooler. I like the photo of your Mom fishing. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

  6. Ellen

    That’s a great picture of mom. Irv and I were just saying the other day that we wish we’d gotten her a fly fishing lesson in Yellowstone while she was able. She always wanted to do that and it’s a shame she never got to do it. I love watching the fishermen here, it just looks so relaxing.

    I don’t blame you for looking for shade. That heat and humidity are hard to endure.

  7. Sandra Nachlinger

    Looks like a great place for a hike. As mentioned on my post, I’ve been going to the same area recently, but there are always changes on the trails. It’s a different walk every time.
    Lovely photo of your mom.

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