Pandemic Blues

We are in the fat part of summer now. It is very hot and humid outside so I’ve been spending more time than I am used to inside.

My trusty iphone crapped out on me. I took it to one of those phone doctor places and I think they did a good job trying to get it back to life. In the end they said it would require a new mother board and they suggested that I get another one. They removed all the new parts they put in it and just charged me not much for the labor involved, which is fair in my book. I just wanted to make sure that I needed one. So I bought an updated model just like it with 256Gb of memory. I have lots of apps, music, and photos. So I got the new phone and I am back in business.

I have been doing more running and walking since the pandemic started. I have been eating a lot more as well so I am kind of balanced out.

Here’s Lizzie the kitten showing me how to cope with all the stress.

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14 thoughts on “Pandemic Blues

  1. Vicki

    Sorry about your phone but it’s always exciting (to me at least) to get a new one.

    How did you get Lizzie to sleep in her bed, or did she just do it? I have 2 really cushy beds for my 2 cats and neither one of them will get in them. If I put them in one they immediately jump out 🙁

  2. Barb

    I love new phones, but Bob wants to keep his forever and never change. Usually, I end up with the newest model and insist he take my “old” one which is newer than the one he’d be using. I hope you didn’t suffer sticker shock! If I’d be like Lizzie and nap in the daytime, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

  3. klara

    a new toy (by necessity :-). I hate when I have to replace a phone (all the transfers, settings….yikes).
    pandemic blues here as well, and I am envying you on the high temperatures at least 😉

  4. Jackie

    I had the pandemic blues for the first time yesterday. Just a blip, I am very good at keeping myself entertained. But I do love getting out and wandering about town. I am trying to be good though and avoid unnecessary outings. Although we wear masks everywhere and they are mandatory in any indoor public spaces. We are moving to Stage 3 next week and that worries me.

  5. Pat

    A new phone is nice as the camera is soup to date–enjoy it!

    Because we’ve been busy with gardening this summer–lots of watering in our dry hot weather–and doing lots of cooking– I feel like the days passes quickly. It was too hot for a while to walk much, even in early morning, but I am hoping the heat wave is past and we can get back on the trails again soon. Inlike to see what is growing in the wild.

  6. Sandra Nachlinger

    It’s amazing how much we’ve come to rely on our cell phones, isn’t it? It’s good that you were able to get honest advice from technicians before purchasing a replacement.
    I wish I could be as chilled out as Lizzie!

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