Skywatch Friday – LaCoronaVida!!

July 2020

Big surprise, its hot here in Tulsa. Wow, who’d of thought it would be hot in July?

July 2020

And of course, we not only have a deadly virus making the rounds, we have a venomous snakes. We can ruin your whole day several different ways here in Oklahoma.

This is Lizzie, lots of people in my last post thought she looked adorable. Here is the look she gives me when she does not want to be messed with.

July 2020

I love running outside, even though I am very slow these days. I love running the trails on Turkey Mountain. I especially love the little side trails like this. I went running there yesterday and there were just a few cars in the parking lot. I love having the place to myself.

We are planning on doing some freshening up at the house, including flooring. Flooring technology is just flat amazing. The above is vinyl. Yep, vinyl is making a comeback. Last time we got flooring it was laminate, now we get a look and a groan when we say laminate.

There’s a million different types of flooring. Here’s Heather taking a photo of tag of something we are interested in.

Went to my dermatologists office this week and got a bunch of growths zapped with liquid nitrogen. Not so many this time. I am singlehandly keeping the sunscreen manufacturers going. I use 100+ spf cuz I am sensitive.

With Covid-19 races are not a thing any more. Not for me anyway. I participated in a virtual race a few weeks ago where you sign up and and run the distance however, whenever, and wherever to cn and send in your time. So got a nice shirt and medal. There’s hundreds of virtuals all over the country. I am going to do ones that are put on by local people and that benefit local organizations.

Yep I know this a skywatch post. Here’s a sky!! We are still getting some rain almost every day after a very dry June.

Here’s the cure for hot, humid weather, Heather’s margaritas. They taste just as good as they look.

Everybody stay safe!! Come link at Skywatch Friday with me and bunch of other folks.

20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – LaCoronaVida!!

  1. Eileen


    It is great you can get out and run on a hot day. The heat and humid just zap my energy. The new flooring does look nice, I would like some too. The margaritas look delicious! Love the sky capture! Thanks for hosting! Have a great day and a happy weekend ahead.

  2. Barb

    Oh gosh – I want a taste of that Marg! Well, I guess not… Sounds like you’re keeping busy in your retirement. Just keep healthy, too – those Okies are spreading the virus like wildfire!

  3. Ellen

    Corona virus, heat, humidity, and venomous snakes…yikes! I regret the laminate we installed in our house…I see new flooring in our future too after we replace the windows (but don’t tell Irv that’s what I’m thinking).

  4. Nancy Chan

    Beautiful sky pics. The snake sign is enough to keep me far, far away from that place. Lizzie is still adorable even with that “don’t mess with me” look on her face. Have a happy weekend and stay safe.

  5. Alana

    Fallen tree vinyl. Our kitchen and bathroom need new flooring badly and you may have just inspired me. (Not that color, though). My cousin works in a Home Depot in Pennsylvania and it has been crazy busy since the pandemic started; so everyone must have the same idea as you! The “heat advisory” and “snakes” signs would have ended my visit to Turkey Mountain and I would have been heading to the margaritas. Does that ever look good. Oh yes, nice sky picture! Stay safe, Yogi. Stay away from those snakes and let’s hope the squirrels with bubonic plague don’t reach your area.

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    “Don’t mess with me look” is priceless. Does Lizzie pay taxes, nope. She has a wonderful life living at your house for sure. What a cat! We were just looking to replace the tile flooring in the bathroom. Needed to bring in a sample of what we have on the walls. Duh? Second time around may be more successful for us. My husband had a spot on his hand. We went to the dermatologist Wednesday to have stitches taken out. Good news! No cancer it is all gone. Take care.

  7. Angie

    Alan – we are kinda shocked by the recommendation for 1/2 gallon an hour for you/pets. Wow, that’s a lot to carry! We are lucky to hike/run in places with a lot of natural water sources that can be easily filtered. I love your sarcasm – I kept reading your quips to my hubby! We had not heard about virtual races; I might be able to complete my first marathon this way! On the Fourth of July, we started drinking margaritas at three in the afternoon. I was in bed by 10!

  8. Linda W.

    A half gallon per hour would really add up to a lot of weight to carry.

    I expect a few years from now the experts will tell us that vinyl lets off toxic fumes after a few years so we should tear it out.

  9. Susie of Arabia

    What a fun time I had going along with you on this varied post. You’re so active and I’m stuck isolating still – it’s too hot to go out much here anyway. What flooring did you decide on? I love projects like that. Those margaritas look like a great to end a busy day! Hope you are well.

  10. A ShutterBug Explores

    Gorgeous sky shot ~ love your kitty and wonderful series of photos ~ ^_^

    I am walking the painful journey of losing ‘my best friend’ ~ Zoe ~ so lonely without her. I’ll heal gradually with many tears ~ (thanks for thinking of me)

    Stay cool ^_^

    Live in the moment with love,
    A ShutterBug Explores

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