Our World – Pandemic Weekend

Leon "Red" Earp Natural Trail

I did a little bit of exploring while looking for geocaches Sunday. I found a new nature trail I didn’t know about in the Tulsa suburb of Jenks.

It even has a bench. I just love benches on trails. Downtown Tulsa used to have benches on the sidewalks but the homeless population grew so much that they took over the benches all day long so all the benches were removed. I don’t know blame the homeless people. Many of the services for homeless are downtown and they got to sit somewhere right? With the benches gone, they sprawled on the grass at churches and other buildings. Anyway, I digress.

So I found a cache on the trail. About 40 feet from where it was supposed to be.

Gadget Cache

Elsewhere I found this gadget caches. Gadget caches are the big thing in geocaching right now. The caches are easy to find but hard to open. This one had various screws and such on both sides of the box so you were supposed to use your fingers on each side to use your body to complete an electrical circuit and you look through the hole and you are supposed to be able to see what the combination to the lock is. Well I completed the circuit but I couldn’t figure out the combination.

I went bicycling on Friday. I pretty much stick to the RiverParks trails because their are no highway crossings and I can make a good 13 mile to 15 mile loop out of the trails. That’s nothing to a good rider. I am not a good rider but I love riding my bike. My bike is about 15 years old so by now.

This was Sunday morning at our house, actually most mornings. We get them up, outside, fed and then they sleep. After sleeping all night long!!

I’m reading John Bolton’s latest book on his time at the Trump Administration. I saw a few of his interviews and I was shocked that he actually had a great sense of humor and could laugh and smile. The only thing I ever remember him doing was threatening hellfire and war on countries he wasn’t happy with. He is still that way but I am seeing that he has consistent set of principles that he acts from so I have a new respect for him. His book has lots of quips also. He has an excellent sense of dry humor.

Parade of Homes Skywatch

We are looking at freshening up our house of twenty years. We brought it brand new and we are going to get new flooring and make a bunch of other changes so we went to Tulsa’s Parade of Homes. We saw all sorts of stuff we liked in terms of flooring, windows, decor, etc. Also, everybody was masked up and there were not the crowds of previous years.

Afterwards we went to a produce stand. Dotson. One of the many things about summer I like are the vegetables.

So on my bagels nowdays, at the suggestion of a blog friend, I am using avocado and orange marmalade. I was a little leery but I love it. I bought some spicy mashed avocado and I love it. It’s also good insurance that nobody else in the house will eat it.

That’s all this week!! I’m linking with Our World Tuesday

14 thoughts on “Our World – Pandemic Weekend

  1. Penelope Notes

    Oh, wow, those bagels do look delicious. Interesting to note Bolton has a sense of humor. Haven’t seen evidence of it in the media but since he was willing to work for Mr. T, I guess I should have known. 🙂

  2. Vicki

    Great post, I enjoyed the photos and the bagel, and I love the dogs and cat! My cats will not sleep on their beds for some reason.

  3. Pat

    You have been busy, Yogi! We go nowhere and do nothing…lol Actually, it is a thrill to shop at Costco every two weeks. The photo of your pets sleeping so exhausted on their beds made me smile/laugh! I feel the same way these boring days.

  4. Eileen

    Hello, Yogi

    Your are having fun, bike riding and geocaching. The furbabies look tuckered out. The sky shot looks beautiful. The bagels look yummy. I would have thought more of Bolton if he had testified in front congress. He took the easy way out, refusing to talk. Take care! Enjoy your day! Have a great week ahead.

  5. Hootin Anni

    Oh oh….I love avocados, and I love bagels. That new phase of geocache sounds a bit annoying. But still challenging, I’m all for a good challenge. Pretty park & bike trail.

  6. Lea's Menagerie

    I know cats sleep a lot, but dogs? Maybe they stay awake all night guarding the house!
    Love Farmers’ Markets and Produce Stands. Got a really good cantaloupe at one last week.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Amy Franks

    Hmmm I don’t know about bagels but I love avocado on toast so it’s probably the same thing, maybe I need to try it. Farmer’s markets are very popular here but we haven’t seen many of them around since we came out of level 1 lockdown, I think they are trying to play catchup.

  8. Barb

    Yum – I had toast/avocado/marmalade for lunch. Can’t beat that combo. Remodeling is sometimes fun – especially f you and Heather have similar tastes. Bob and I get to remodel next week – a new boiler that costs a fortune!

  9. Angie

    Alan – I think your pets have it spot on! And please tell me that you are not smushing those two halves of the bagel together? They look good by themselves, but not as a combo!

  10. Driller's Place

    Who doesn’t love a good bench? Nobody…that’s who. It’s unfortunate that ideal life and real life don’t always look the same. The intended purpose of the benches to provide a temporary place of rest and relaxation turned into temporary places of residence. Remove the benches and everyone loses. So sad.
    We only have one dog, but she will get up in the morning from her kennel, go outside and take care of business, come back in the house for a drink of water and bit of food, then find her bed in the TV room and crash again. It’s a dog’s life.
    I think I’m going to pass on that special bagel. I still prefer mine toasted and then topped with cream cheese or peanut butter or butter with tri-berry jelly. In the fall Einstein’s Bagels make a pumpkin spice bagel that is to die for. Have a blessed week.

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