Skywatch Friday – Snow!!

We finally got a decent snow in Tulsa the other day. I think they said it was the first appreciable amounts in seven years. We were supposed to get one to three inches but it came out five inches of very heavy wet snow.

I was glad to see it although it made for very tough shoveling. I shoveled our driveway and then I shoveled MIL’s. I could feel it so I took it easy but I still slept soundly after all that.

Here’s our house. I don’t do ladders any longer so the lights are low, very low in the case of the ones under the snow. They didn’t short out or anything, they just kept on burning.

And speaking of burning. I’ve mentioned that we are freshening up our house some. We had painters in and they removed the smoke detectors and they looked kind of dingy so I was checking to see what the replacements were and found out that our smoke detectors only have a ten year life and we have lived in the house for twenty years. Made me feel foolish and we now have new smoke detectors. Don’t be like me folks, if you have an ionization type detector check and see if they are still in date.

The whole situation with the snow and painters drove Lizzie to drink. She doesn’t like strangers in the house so these months of work have been hard on her.

Here’s a “go out to get the paper and snap a photo” skywatch shot. I’m lazy like that. You don’t have to travel far to get a nice shot sometimes. I post a lot of the shots on instagram. I am just glad that my neighbor finally got his car door damage repaired. I got as many comments about the car damage as I do the sky.


Tuesday, several days after the snow, I ventured out to Turkey Mountain to check out the snow. I love hiking in the snow. The RiverParks Authority would just as soon people stay off the trails because of the muddy conditions but I went anyway. Don’t tell them okay? I got all sorts of rationalizations.


I was plodding along and saw some movement and saw a herd of about eight deer off in the woods. Sorry about the quality of the photos. All I had was my point and shoot and my iphone.


I stood there for about twenty minutes. The first ten, they all stared at me except for the little ones. After that all but one or two relaxed a little grazed and then they got tired of me and left.


A little further along I came to a pond. I just love the reflections on it and the sky.


I started taking trails I don’t usually take just to avoid the muddy more heavily used trails. There is nothing prettier than a single track trail through the snowy woods.

I saw this way off the trail and checked it out. It is some sort of oilfield apparatus. I had never seen it before. I thought I knew all the old abandoned wells, pumpjack foundations, abandoned pipelines, and cables on the mountain, but I guess I didn’t. One of the people with the River Parks Authority commented on my instagram that he didn’t know about this. So I made a find!!

By this time I was getting a little cold and tired so I took another single track path back to the Snake Trail to get back to the car. I really enjoyed my outing.

That’s about it, I am linking with Skywatch Friday. Come join in!!

32 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Snow!!

  1. Sallie

    Wow, that is quite a lot of snow. It’s pretty rare here in this part of Oregon also, but this will probably be the year since we are spending the winter at home. Snow is absolutely beautiful in your pictures but I would just as soon only experience it through your eyes! …. your kitty made me laugh. And I’ve made a mental note to check the smoke alarms .

  2. Driller's Place

    Snowmen sprung up all over our neighborhood. Some of my Christmas lights failed to come on and kept tripping a circuit. I’m pretty sure that one of the connections got water in it, even though I had electrical taped them together. I think the snow really put people in the Christmas mood. Nice set of images here Yogi. Well done.

  3. Vicki

    Those snow photos are beautiful! I miss snow so much! I love your house and lights, and the Christmas tree inside.

    We used to check out smoke dectors every 6 months or so to make sure they were working properly, but when we moved we bought

    Lizzie looks like my cat Jaspurr! Poor kitty, my cats don’t like a lot of noise so they wouldn’t have liked having the workers there everyday either.

    Love your “get the paper snap a photo” photo, that sky is amazing!

    Your shots from Turkey Mountain are beautiful! I love deer!

  4. Peter B.

    Wonderful that you got your first snow in a long time. That makes it special! Love the “go out to get the paper and snap a photo” skywatch shot. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Nancy Chan

    Wow! So much snow. Its a white Christmas for you. Beautiful snow on the bare trees, shrubs and ground. Looks beautiful in pictures. Wish I could experience a white Christmas. It is going to be a wet Christmas here. Instead of snowing, it is now raining outside.

  6. Eileen


    We had 11 inches of the heavy snow, it was hard to shovel. Your sky images are beautiful. I love the shot of your Christmas lights and house decorated. Take care, stay safe! Have a happy day and a great weekend!

  7. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Poor Lizzie! Smiling here with her antiacs. I’m back. Upgraded from XP to Windows 10 in October. Had a learning curve which was mostly downhill. Internet goes on and off again. Figured that out. Felt a bit like Lizzie! Onward to 2021. Can’t wait. LOL! Happy Holidays!

  8. Lisa

    Beautiful photos. I love the cat! My smoke detectors have ten year batteries, but are replaceable. When I bought the house 9 years ago the sellers were required to put them in. Another state I lived in just had regular batteries and the campaign for them was “change the batteries when you change your clocks,” so just to be sure they wanted new ones every 6 months. It’s too bad you have to buy entire new units.

  9. Barb

    Wow – your first snow, and it’s mighty pretty. It’s snowing hard here. Bob shoveled, raked, and plowed this morning, but it looks like more work for tomorrow. I love being in the forest after a snow.

  10. Alana

    I thought I didn’t want to see another snowflake after our 40 inches, but your pictures are so pretty. So was your sunrise photo. And thank you for the smoke detector PSA; you may have saved someone’s life today. P.S. we are under a state of emergency until at least Monday morning and there is a shortage of plow operators due to COVID so they have people coming from an hour or more away to help out. For now, my walking is restricted to two short local streets that (long story) got plowed by someone’s front end loader. If you want more snow, no problem; we have lots to spare.

  11. Ellen

    There’s nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a snow covered forest. I don’t mind hiking in the snow as long as it’s not too cold and windy.

  12. junie-jesh

    When it snows, I like a lot!. Nice you did, but not enough to obliterate your Christmas lights outside. The view with the reflections is stunning! Just in time for Christmas:) Have a verry merry one, you and yours, and I think we will have a Sky Watch before the New Year.

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