Weekend Reflections – from the Mundane to the Sublime

Here is the mundane

I like trying different kinds of beer. I’ve been doing most of that at home.

And the nerdy

My regulars know that my computer crapped out. I had a one terrabyte solid state hard drive that was okay. So I pulled it out of the computer and bought a gizmo for about $12 that turned it into an external hard drive. You know it works perfectly!! I don’t archive photos on my own hard drive, I do that in the cloud but I had thousands of songs I had ripped into itunes off of cds. I didn’t want to do all that again. So I installed itunes on the new computer, told it where to go find the music and it works!!!

To I don’t know, maybe this is sublime..


From the archives. The gardens at Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art are sublime. I am not sure my photo is. The museum is closed until the middle of February. They are taking a little breather. Covid has been hard on all of us.

I found this kind of cool

Philbrook Tempietto Reflection - Nov 2016

This is some people standing in front of the reflection of the Tempietto in the Gardens at Philbrook. I love the word Tempietto although I admit I spell it a half dozen different ways. I’m getting older and crankier so just think of me as a phonetic speller.

My wife and I got our brother moved into assisted living from long term care. The staff at the long term care are proud of them, that kind of move is extremely rare so they see him as a success story. He is adjusting well to his new digs. Lots of more freedom and more activities to choose from as well as more people to talk with. Brother is very social.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – from the Mundane to the Sublime

  1. Angie

    Alan – I am not a tech person, so reading your story about perseverance and overcoming a tech obstacle makes me so happy. Score one for the little guy! Big tech dominance – hah!!! I do think your nature pix are sublime …. And so glad to hear the news about your brother – good news these days is pure joy!

  2. Bohemian

    Congrats to your Brother, he IS a Success Story and may he thrive and continue being Successful at his new digs. The Man was never supposed to come out of his Coma, it’s great to have a Living Success Story that wasn’t supposed to happen! I Vote for Sublime of that one pix, it’s picture postcard perfect. The mundane made me Smile because I’m trying all sorts of things during Pandemic that I never would have otherwise, it’s made me expand my territory of culinary limitations… normally I’d be more a Creature of Habit, eating and drinking exactly the same things I have as long standing Favs.

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