Shadows Shots – From Trails to Gardens


Heather and I went hiking on the Keystone Trail near Tulsa on a kind of tough (for us), kind of long trail and found this taunting sign. Made us laugh. Hell no this isn’t too tough!!


I love this long covered walkway at the Linnaeus Teaching Garden here in Tulsa.


Big secret in Tulsa is that the gardens at Gilcrease Museum are free!! I loved this shadow made by a Victorian wrought iron fence and arbor.


Backing away a little so you can see it better.

Sorry, still working from the archives. We were exposed to Covid again and so we stayed inside pending tests. Heather and I were both negative!! The virus is raging through Oklahoma right now.

Stay Safe and Be Kind Folks. Go check out Shadow Shot Sunday 2 for more shadows.

5 thoughts on “Shadows Shots – From Trails to Gardens

  1. Bohemian

    So glad you Tested Negative after potential exposure. It’s rampant here too but hardly anyone is Testing so you’d never know if you came into contact with someone Positive unless they ended up Hospitalized or Dead from it! I Love walkways, the sign all torn up in pix No. One cracked me up. There are some hikes I used to do but now am getting too geriatric for apparently and I wouldn’t wanna end up stranded and have to be carried back down by some Studmuffin Rescuers… on the other hand, that sounds rather pleasurable. *winks*

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