Our World – New Donkey Foal

My wife has relatives who have a ranch in western Oklahoma. They sent me some photos of a new donkey foal just born last Saturday. There is not much cuter in the animal world than a baby donkey with its mother. Generally I edit them a little but these are perfect just as they are.

The miracle of life is always amazing.

Mama says photos are okay but keep your distance!!

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17 thoughts on “Our World – New Donkey Foal

  1. Bohemian

    OMG, I so needed this dose of Cuteness! Adorable Baby and Mama is quite striking looking too! There are Wild Donkeys that roam the Desert here in AZ and every so often you see them, they can be quite curious about Humans.

  2. Eileen


    Oh my, the baby donkey is just adorable. Cute photos of Mama and her foal. Take care, enjoy your day!
    Have a great new week!

  3. Susie of Arabia

    Cuteness overload! Are baby donkeys normally so white like that? Or could it be albino? At any rate, it’s the most adorable little thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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