Random Wednesday


At Sprouts, we found this strange vegetable. Apparently everybody but us has heard about Romanesco. I like the logarithmic spirals but it looks very unappetizing. I’d try it though.

It’s calving time at the ranch owned by Heather’s relatives in western Oklahoma.

My sore back is getting better via yoga, strength training, ibuprofen and a heating pad. If I leave the heating pad on, Abby claims it. This is she during the Super Bowl. How about the Buccaneers and Tom Brady?

MIL had a leak in her house and she called a plumber. A couple young guys came out. One of the manhandled an augur up on her roof during a strong cold wind. I get so tired when I hear certain people talk about “….kids today don’t want to work.” I know that’s wrong. I see hard working young people almost every day.

Shakespeare Memorial

One of the curious things you find in old parks. This is a tribute to Shakespeare at Tulsa’s Woodward Park. Designed by notable art deco architect Adah Robinson and erected in the 1930’s I believe. I love random stuff like this.

4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday

  1. Vicki

    I’ve seen Romanesco but never tried it.
    Such cute little calves!

    Abby is so cute! My youngest cat likes heat too. She likes to lay by my desktop computer tower, or crawl under a blanket.

    I love the tribute to Shakespeare!

  2. Bohemian

    I’ve seen that beautiful and interesting Vegetable and haven’t yet tried it either, mebbe it’s time? As for hard working Youth, I know some and my Son is one, but they all lament how lazy so many of their generation are, so I don’t think I’m just imagining that there is a swath that never learned a proper work ethic and they’re making their Generation look bad. Of coarse, I don’t expect an 18 year old to have the discipline of an Adult either, some Kiddos just need time enough to Mature and decide the trajectory they want their Career/Job Path and Life to go in.

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