Oklahoma Snow and Ice

Ice storm 009

We are getting a little snow here in Tulsa today. I mean we are glad we are getting snow, we thought we were getting ice. Okies don’t like ice. Lots of things can happen with ice and none of them are good. You can wreck your car, you can lose your power. Then you get to sit in the dark freezing listening to your neighbor’s generator roaring away. That can be pretty irritating.

We got a little bit of ice. Not a whole lot. Snow is a relief.

Ice storm 015

Hey bird, go South. Whattaya doing sitting in that tree?


I thought one of our neighbors had icicles. He did, Christmas lights, augmented with real ice.


Did you see my other neighbors yellow Christmas lights in the tree. We have a lot of Christmas spirit in our neighborhood. I have not taken ours down yet either.


I’m thinking about keeping up for Valentines Day. Do you think I should?

Our neighbor’s willow tree is leaning over again to say hello.


Lets do macro for a second.

Ice storm 007

Ice storm 008

How is your weather?

16 thoughts on “Oklahoma Snow and Ice


    Looks like you are having a little more winter than we are here in Ohio. Mostly just cold now with snow on the ground not the roads. Like those NASA photos.. Good post and have a great weekend

  2. Janie

    I like those macro shots. I’m glad you got snow and not too much ice. Much more fun that way.
    I totally approve of leaving Christmas lights up all year. All that taking down only to put up again seems like a waste of time…

  3. ♥Kathy♥

    Oh I was so glad we didnt get hit as bad as we supposed to with ice. It was nerve racking setting around Thursday evening waiting on the freezing rain to stop. Our pin-oak is bent over to the ground.

  4. Zhu

    You have more snow than us, the Northern neighbors, right now! Here, it’s -30C so too cold for snow.

    We did have a lot around Christmas though, with some impressive icicles.

  5. Barb

    I saw your ice storm on the news, Yogi. Your photos show the beauty of it, though I know it was a treacherous time to be out and about.

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