IPhone Phriday – Gillette-Tyrell Building Lobby

Gillette-Tyrell Building

The lobby of the Gillette-Tyrell Building (sometimes called the Pythian Building) in downtown Tulsa, built in 1930. It was originally supposed to be 13 floors tall but they stopped off at three because of the economic crash. This was one of the first art deco buildings in Tulsa and one of the oldest left standing. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Check the Tulsa Preservation Commission for more information.

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This is my first Iphone Phriday post. I may have cheated a little bit. I don’t have an Iphone. I’m too cheap to get one. So I used a Pantech generic android phone. Then, I confess, I pimped the pic on PicMonkey. I am not ashamed although I freely admit I should be.

IPhone Phriday

14 thoughts on “IPhone Phriday – Gillette-Tyrell Building Lobby

  1. Beth Edwards

    i feel drunk. that floor is so wild. wonder who picked that one out? happy weekend!! now going to go look at that floor again. i am nuts. so are you though. ha. ha!! sounds like some one cheated on the photo assignment. or not?! ha. ha!! ( :

  2. Sylvia K

    I thought I had already commented, but with my memory these days, who knows??? Wild and beautiful floor and a great shot for the day!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

  3. Louis la Vache

    hee hee…
    Your Android is OK, Yogi! iPhone Phriday is open to any smartphone even though «Louis» is ALL APPLE ALL THE TIME:
    2 – iMacs
    1 – MacBook Air
    1 – iPad 4
    1 – iPad Mini
    1 – iPhone 5S
    1 – iPhone 5c
    AirPort Express
    Time Capsule
    Chez la Vache is an Apple ad…

    Anyway, «Louis» thanks you for linking!
    That is some serious tile work in that lobby. It’s probably even more spectacular when you actually see it.

  4. DrillerAA09

    I am always amazed at the detail and craftsmanship that is on display in some of Tulsa’s art deco buildings. I LOVE this floor. The entire lobby is a thing of beauty.
    I’m not an IPhone user at the moment either. However I may return to the apple basket when my current contract expires, but that’s 15 months away.

  5. Ellen

    The floor is so busy that it’s actually very attractive (if that makes sense). A lot of work went into that–craftsmanship that you don’t see these days very often.

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