Bikes, Flags, and a Fountain

I’m still experimenting with the Flip Video Camera I stole borrowed from one of SuperPizzaBoy’s teachers. I’ll give it back to her one of these days, maybe. I took it on a run on the river Wednesday night after work. I capatured these images.

A bunch of bikers on Riverside Drive. I only got the tail end of them.

A large US Flag flying at half mast (for the late Senator Edward Kennedy.) I love our United States flag flying in the breeze!

The next day I took on a jaunt downtown. I stopped at a fountain at a new park downtown. I love water fountains!

appreciate your indulgence as I try and figure this ingenious device out. It has wonderful possibilities.

7 thoughts on “Bikes, Flags, and a Fountain

  1. Yogi♪♪♪

    @Sunny – Thanks!

    @Tulsa Gentleman – I totally agree with you. The iphone would do it all. I have a cell phone provided by my employer though. I don’t want to carry two phones. I have an ipod touch. It doesn’t have the camera functions nor the gps but it is an amazing device.
    I cary my Palm Treo, ipod touch, gps, and now the flip with me. So the iphone would cut the load down considerably.

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