Wrong Way Skywatch

Sunday Morning Sunrise
Some of the men from my Sunday School Class go running on the Arkansas River sunday mornings. They don’t wait for anybody, at 6 AM they go. If you are late you catch up, if you know which way they are went as they can either go north along the Arkansas River or sometimes they will go east along the Creek Turnpike.

Well, I got there late last Sunday. Usually they go north, that day they went east. I didn’t know that. I played the odds, I went north. So I was by myself. I almost always take my camera on these runs but when I run with the guys I never take pictures. My sorry little slow butt would be left behind. Sunday, it soon became apparent  that they went the other way so I took my time and took a few picture including the one above. I missed the company, but I enjoyed taking the pictures.

Afterwards I still had coffee with them at Starbucks, which is what I like best of all.

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28 thoughts on “Wrong Way Skywatch

  1. Amanda

    You were meant to enjoy some solitude and wonder at the beauty of God’s morning! Glad you missed them, so we could enjoy the peace of that morning too!

  2. Matthew

    It’s a beautiful picture. One of the things I love about blogging is its ability to expose you to things you’d never otherwise see or experience. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Sunshine4Life

    i like i like it when you said “you missed the company, but you enjoyed taking pictures.” I can relate. At times when you are in group, you have to catch up with them and hinder you from taking all the shots you want to get.

    This is a nice colored sky! It’s really great to look up and be inspired by sky language.

    Thanks for the visit and wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  4. Pat

    What a great activity–to run with a group of guys early in the morning (well, if you’re there at 6 a.m.) and then meet at Starbucks! This is a gorgeous sunrise. I’m glad you had the opportunity to capture it.

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