Shame on the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 943

Driving to work after my morning run earlier this week I saw the above sign. David Hannagan is the president of a non-union contractor, Green Country Interiors. The sign is courtesy of the Tulsa Local 943 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. As discussed earlier and as reported by the Tulsa World the union is using homeless people to do the picketing for them. I don’t know if they are using homeless people because real carpenters cannot be bothered or are too busy or some other reason.

The thing about the sign above is that it is not located at a construction site or a business. It is located at the entrance to Mr. Hannagan’s subdivision in south Tulsa.

I think that is wrong. They may have the legal right to do that, sure. But that doesn’t mean that they should do it.

I get it, we have free speech and picketing as a means of protest has a long history in this country. But don’t take it to somebody’s home! Especially with homeless stand ins who stand to gain nothing from this tactic.

I think this “Shaming” campaign may backfire on the union big time. After the truth came out in paper I have not found anybody sympathetic to the union’s cause.

6 thoughts on “Shame on the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 943

  1. T Z

    Same group of low-lifes that were picketing at ST Francis. St Francis Hospital had nothing to do with their picketing, it was just a labo dispute on some construction. But these illiterate warm bodies knew nothing and had a pissy attitude to back up thier ignorance. These people did nothing to help their cause. What about wwriting an intelligent letter to the Tulsa World instead of standing on a street corned with a vague sign. Shame on THEM!

  2. Kathy

    I’ve seen this guys when we went to work in the area where they were standing. Was wondering what Mr. Hannagan did. I don’t have a problem with unions picketing but come on lets use actually workers! This is pitiful to use homeless people who have no ideal what they are standing out there for. Both my parents were union workers and when Dad went on strike once he was required to stand on the picket line!

  3. Yogi♪♪♪

    -Kathy – I am generally sympathetic to unions especially craft unions. I have worked in union plants and even though some of my construction sites were picketed I never felt that what they were doing was personal. At least they had the actual union members doing the picketing.

  4. jen

    You should send this to the Lost Ogle or their poster from Tulsa??? Can’t think of his name. This is Cr*p. They believe so much in their cause they hire homeless people to do the hard work of picketing. So phoney. Poor David Hannagan. Whatever he did to make them mad, it must have not been very hard. If I were his PR person, I’d tell him to fight this campaign with humor – to match their ruthless gall with wit. Unions are so scary. =0

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