Rejuvenated Rear End

I’m still higher than a kite about my new license plate number 666BOI. I was so excited I decided to the truck repaired. You see about three years ago I got rear ended by a male nurse on the BA Expressway. (I know ha ha ha, har har har, you all are so darn funny, I’ve heard it all….) and my truck got damaged. I settled with his insurance company and got a check to fix it and never did.

In the meantime I got two cracks on the windshield, both of them eventually spread across the width of the glass.

Well, I can’t have the best license plate in the country be attached to a truck with a rear end that needed fixed. (Again, ha ha ha…. enough). So I took it in to get both the bumper and the windshield fixed.



Have you ever seen a rear end that was so smooth and wrinkle free?

7 thoughts on “Rejuvenated Rear End

  1. Denise

    That is one beautiful wrinkle free rear end 😉 Seriously, your truck is a good looking truck. Must feel great to have it back to the way it was.

  2. SandyCarlson

    Very excellent that you got it done! Spending on autos can be a big bummer. In some ways it’s like buying underwear. Must be done but who cares…. Drive carefully around those BA stuntmen!

  3. Kathy

    What I wanna know is what sweetie thinks of you showing your new rear end to all us ladies?? Very nice rear-end by the way. Have you had any comments on your 666 tag?

  4. 2sweetnsaxy

    Nice rear end you’ve got there. LOL! I got rear ended by a van. The old guy said he sneezed. I was so mad. I let him go. The damage wasn’t bad and you only notice the rubber part of the bumper dips and the license plate is bent. The thing was, I had just gotten it out of the shop from someone else that rear ended me. I just didn’t have it in me to have it back in the shop again.

  5. jenX67

    i so could not deal with that license plate. it looks like 666 BOY!

    my husband’s birthday is 6-16-66. that freaks me out enough!

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