Skywatch Friday – Winter is on its Way

Philbrook Trees  edited

It was just a couple weeks ago that the temps were still warm and toasty and the grass was green. Things have changed since, the temps have dropped considerably,and tomorrow we are going our first cold blast. We expect to to get a wintry mix here in Tulsa and of course we are a panicky bunch so the milk and bread is all gone from the grocery stores along with the snow shovels.

Unfortunately we are not so careful driving on snow and ice. I mean why should we slow down or leave early. So we drive the same speeds and the body shops are going to make a fortune working on the cars for months to come.


I don’t think that tomorrow it is going to be like February 2011 as show above. That’s Chrissy, our big cranky Maine Coon who really doesn’t like being rousted from her nap for a snowy photo shoot in the back yard. As you can tell she was telling me about it. You can also see that her claws her out on her back feet. I’m wearing a canvas jacket and leather gloves and had  so she was a little frustrated. She likes to see blood when she gets mad.

Me, I don’t worry about the weather too much unless it involves tornadoes, then I worry a lot. I don’t worry about cold and snow. Our neighbors to the north have a lot more snow and a lot colder temperatures than we do and they do fine.

Skywatch Friday.

25 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Winter is on its Way


    Ya, why is it that the mentality of drivers know not enough to slow down on icy, slick streets/highways? It’s beyond me.

    LOVE, love, LOVE your cat. It’s beautiful. You can have the snow, I’ll take the cat. ;o)

  2. DeniseinVA

    You have a great attitude towards the weather, tornadoes are a whole different story. What a beautiful cat! Thanks for the understanding on those links I have apparently been leaving behind. I honestly can’t figure out why it seems to only come from me. I too never mess with blogger unless I am absolutely desperate. You and your beautiful family stay safe and warm.

  3. Lois Evensen

    That’s a gorgeous tree shot! And, kitty does look a little irritated. She looks very much like a Norwegian Forest Cat. Those hearty cats survive in the Norwegian Forest year round. You might tell Chrissy if she doesn’t behave she can learn to be a Norwegian Forest Cat. Just kidding. I’m sure she’s a very nice cat when inside, warm, fed, and being petted. 😉

  4. Sylvia K

    A gorgeous tree shot indeed!! Wow! And that kitty does have an expressive face!! Not hard to tell what she was thinking or what she wanted to do!! I love it! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm! We’re still having beautiful blue skies, but it is cold!! The highs are only in the 20s for the most part!!

  5. eileeninmd

    Wow, the tree is gorgeous. A beautiful color. And your Chrissy is beautiful. I would be a happy camper if it did not snow at all here this winter. Have a happy weekend!

  6. Leedslass

    Nice to know it’s not only GB that gets paranoid with the first sign of snow – I thought we were unique!!
    We’ve had v. strong winds of around 80 mph – very unusual for us. Being from tornado country I expect you think we’re wimps to get anxious about a breeze like that?

  7. Louis la Vache

    Having lived in “Tornado Alley” himself, «Louis» agrees with you – tornadoes are something to worry about. «Louis» will take the earthquakes over the twisters…

  8. Laloofah

    Wow, those trees sure looked gorgeous! We haven’t seen a leaf since October. And Chrissy is gorgeous too, even when she’s doing her best Grumpy Cat imitation. >^..^< (She’s probably thinking, “Just because I’m a Maine Coon Cat doesn’t mean I like snow and cold! I live in the south for a reason!”) 🙂

    I agree with you, I’ve experienced both and will take blizzards and subzero temps over tornadoes (and a lot of other natural disasters) any day! You and Chrissy stay safe and snug!

  9. uberrhund

    NE Okla is sure pretty today but I think I might react just like Chrissy there if I were to be taken from my nap out to pose for snow day photos!
    I love that you are totally aware of and ready for her reaction!

  10. Wasserfrau

    Helo Yogi, I like your picture with you and the lovely cat with the snowy background. Better you drive carefully when ice and snow is on the street.
    Have a good week!

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