Heather on Video


My wife, Heather (the wife formerly known as Sweetie) is on a video produced by our son’s School: Town and Country School here in Tulsa. Check it out.

I’m just really proud of her is all I can say. I also think she needs her own television show with some major sponsorships. Let me know if you want to help.

8 thoughts on “Heather on Video

  1. Sylvia K

    What a terrific video and congratulations to Heather, she’s done a great job!! Congratulations to both of you for pursuing and finding the best way to go for Logan! You are both wonderful, loving parents and a great example for all parents!!

  2. Gaelyn

    Heather is great on the video and I’m not at all surprised. This school provides a wonderful opportunity for all these special kids. Too bad the public system can’t do this.

  3. Leedslass

    My eldest daughter teaches in a “special needs” school and absolutely loves the atmosphere from pupils, parents and staff. Sad there aren’t more places like this around, over here anyway. Lucky Logan having somewhere like this to bring out his many attributes.
    P.S. it sounds so grown-up to refer to “Heather” and “Logan” – are you going to grow up too Yogi?

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