Our World – Back from Vacation

We are back from vacation. We went down to Orange Beach, Alabama for a week.


We hung out on the beach a lot. Some of us tanned, others of us got toasted.


We went kayaking one day. Nothing like kayaking through a busy bay.


We saw some dolphins playing. That was quite a thrill.


We witnessed some great sunsets.

Grouper Pontchartrain # seafood #orangebeach #alabama

At ate some really, really good meals. Really.


And hung out on the beach. We did a lot of that!


One of us went geocaching.

We also listened to a lot of music, visited with some other friends of Tulsa, and even made a new friend at the urgent care clinic. 

Now that we are back, we just want to know when we can go on our next vacation!

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21 thoughts on “Our World – Back from Vacation

  1. DrillerAA09

    I LOVE the fresh sea food that is available along the gulf coast. Looks like a great time was had by all. What about that new friend at the urgent care center?

  2. Janie

    It all looks beautiful and sounds like fun — except for maybe making a friend at the Urgent Care Clinic. the friend part is good, but going to a clinic on vacation, maybe not so good.

  3. Barb

    Hope you didn’t have to go to Urgent Care for sun stroke, Yogi! That kayaking with the dolphins looks pretty neat. SPB seems to like the sand and surf.

  4. Leedslass

    That seafood looks good enough to eat – yummy. Dolphin shot, brilliant. Sunshine superb. So sorry about the urgent care visit, I’ve had a couple of those just lately and they’re not pleasant at home, never mind on holiday.

  5. Gaelyn

    How cool to see dolphins.Vacations are just never long enough. But looks like you all had fun, except for the clinic visit.

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