Skywatch Friday – Rain Rolling In

Rain rolling into Orange Beach, Alabama

I’m on vacation this week in Orange Beach, Alabama, otherwise known as the Redneck Riviera. I’m being pretty much worthless and I’m taking lots of pics. It clouds up and then rains and then the sun still doesn’t come out but it quits raining and somehow that is okay. I’m sorry I’m doing Skywatch Friday on Monday but this just might be the only post I do all week!

Skywatch Friday

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24 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Rain Rolling In

  1. Leedslass

    What a scary sky but, somehow, at the same time, interesting. Your skies are far superior to our English ones.

    Have a good holiday but sorry to hear you’re not going to be posting – make my day:-)

  2. Sylvia K

    Grumpy, grumbling looking skies and a great shot, but hope you get some better weather for your vacation! Enjoy! You’ll be missed!

  3. P M Prescott

    The one thing that never stops being a wonder is the sky and clouds. We had some weird ones here last night, but it was too dark for decent pictures.

  4. Jeanie

    Ominous looking sky shot and a great capture. We could use a little of that rain to relieve the temps near 100 here today.

  5. Kara

    That’s fabulous. Our skies have been similar to that also…although not in such a grand fashion. Hope you have a great vacation.

  6. Laloofah

    I’ve been in Gulf Shores, AL and seen some scary storm activity there – don’t you want to spend your vacation somewhere that has more SERENE weather?? Maybe on the Pacific Northwest coast (barring volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or tsunamis, that is!) Enjoy your vacation, hopefully you’ve gotten lots of pretty weather to enjoy the beach in, too!

  7. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Sounds like it is (was?) a perfect vacation..when all the days blend together and who cares anyway? Perfect. We spent a winter in that area (stayed in an RV Park in Elberta, near Foley)… great place — we were kind of right between Mobile and Pensacola.

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