Our World – Road Trip to see Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park

Sunday, SuperPizzaBoy and I loaded up and headed up Route 66 northeast from Tulsa to the little town of Foyil, Oklahoma to check out the world’s largest concrete totem pole.


The totem pole is 90 feet tall and is made of concrete over a metal and sandstone base. He started working on it in 1937 and finished in 1948.


The exterior has many bas relief native American inspired designs.


Apparently when asked why he built it he just said that he needed something to do when he retired.


The base of the tower is a turtle. He fashioned it from a sandstone outcropping that was already in place.


There is a small room inside that contains more artwork and an informative sign. If you start googling you will see find that there are lots of totem poles taller than ninety feet. So maybe this is the tallest concrete totem pole.

(SPB photo)

SPB brought his camera. Of course a self portrait was in order.

(SPB photo)

Hmm, this is also a pic of his, That is the scariest face on the Totem.

(SPB photo)

SPB also captured images of some Galloway’s other pieces. I love the arrowhead below.

(SPB photo)

I’m guessing this is a tree trunk.


The park has a gift store inside the “Fiddle House” that includes a variety of fiddles carved by Mr. Galloway.


This was my favorite


The park has a short nature trail which of course we tried.

Galloway died in 1961 and the park fell into disrepair until rescued in the late 1980’s by the Rogers County Historical Society who runs the facility today.

We’ll post the second half of our road trip next week, unless of course we decide to do something else.

National Park Service Article on the Totem Park

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24 thoughts on “Our World – Road Trip to see Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park

  1. Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks

    cool trip. the brother was in boy scouts when we were kids & i remember all those totem poles … pretty neat to see all the details up close. can’t imagine the hours it takes to create such a big huge piece of wood into the final art piece. so talented. ( :

  2. Sylvia K

    What a fun, colorful trip and a fascinating place! Great captures for the day and I always enjoy seeing you and SPB out exploring together!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful week and a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. Gaelyn

    Just the right kind of unusual to be found around Rt 66. I think I’ve heard of the Galloway fiddles but never seen one so ornate. Great road trip so far.

  4. Beryl

    Moving to Oklahoma from Seattle, I was excited to see this Totem Pole, expecting it to be at least 100 feet high. I would have appreciated it so much more if I have read an Oklahoman perspective on it ahead of time, Since it’s such an easy drive from Tulsa, I’ll go back this Spring and take a closer look, thanks to your post. Thanks!

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