Our World – Life on the River

Last Friday afternoon the family went to the Blue Rose on the Arkansas to have a late lunch.


Fresh from my brush with skin cancer I had my SPF50 and fancy hat on.


Heather was coordinating things and making things happen while still looking great.


And Logan, he was wanting to know when his burger was going to show up. I kept wondering why he wasn’t in school. 


Here is mine, burger, bacon, blue cheese. Yeah baby, and I didn’t share.


And a couple of adult malted beverages. Don’t worry about Logan he had a soft drink.

Such was the scene on the first real sunny, really warm day of the year last week. It felt really good to be warm and in the sun right on the river.

What did you do on your first real sunny, really warm day of the year?

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16 thoughts on “Our World – Life on the River

  1. Sylvia K

    Perfect way to greet the new season and isn’t it wonderful!!! All of you look so happy!! Makes me smile and giggle!! Have a great week! Enjoy!!

  2. ladyfi

    Wise to keep covered up in the sun. Looks like a fun day.

    We’ve had lots of warm days – I’ve spent most of them hiding inside – away from the birch pollen!

  3. Gaelyn

    I’d have rather been with you on my first real sunny, really HOT day of the year in St George, UT shopping and it was 97F.

  4. zeal4adventure.com

    Looked like a really great day to soak up the sun by the river. Can’t do that in my part of the world, we are in the middle of summer and the sun is way to harsh. Enjoy the weather! 🙂

  5. Leedslass

    We’re still awaiting our first hot, sunny day. We’ve had “sunny” but not “hot”. There is quite a weather divide in northern and southern England and Leeds, Yorkshire, comes into the poor cousin category.
    One of the reason we Brits do go on and on about weather:-)
    Lovely family post and all I can say is “God bless your belly” eating all that burger and not sharing.

  6. EG CameraGirl

    Ummmm, actually we haven’t had a “first real sunny, really warm day of the year yet. But I like the idea of how you decided to celebrate your.

  7. Jeanie

    Looks like a great way to enjoy the first warm sunny day of the year. I expect mine was spent watching kids soccer or baseball but you’ve got me in the mood to go in search of a big burger by a river.

  8. Cynthia

    That sounds like a fun day. We haven’t had a hot one yet, barely warm but restaurants and coffee houses are beginning to put their outdoor furniture outside.

  9. Barb

    You’re all looking happy on that sunny spring day! I go to my dermatologist soon and hope I get good news. Logan has a great smile! (I read the former post about the arts not being funded – hope the kids can raise some public awareness.)

  10. Lois

    Looks like a fun day! It’s been warm here for awhile so I can’t remember. It has now gone from warm to hot and humid so I’m staying inside more, but you have reminded me that I need to cover when I do go outside. I have had several brushes with skin cancer (probably due to growing up near the beach and using baby oil instead of sunscreen when I was a carefree youngster). My dermatologist and I have become very good friends!

  11. Wandering Wren

    Well hello – I came across as I can spot another Yogi a mile off… hmmm so maybe I need to fine tune my radar a bit on this one, but I am pleased to find a great sense of humour and a fun post. Well of course we’ve had fine weather here in Bali – it’s perfect for a yogi like me lol

  12. Ellen

    I love dining outside when it’s warm and sunny. We haven’t quite gotten to that point yet here in Colorado, but soon. Our first really nice, warm day this year was on Saturday for the 5K in the Garden of the Gods. In fact, it got so warm that I was really overheated. I love the sunshine and spring!

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