Mandarin Orange Monday – Pumpkin Patch

I had my day off Friday so among other things we loaded up and headed off to Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch in Bixby, a suburb of Tulsa.

Logan Heather Scarecrow

SuperPizzaBoy and Sweetie, hanging with a scarecrow.

Pumpkins 9

The place was crawling with pumpkins and with munchkins.

Pumpkins 7

I love Fall the sun is lower, the shadows are cooler, the colors are wonderful.


SPB’s favorite is the Hay House. The kids go in one end and out the other, over and over and over. He’s a freshman in high school but he made several trips. Talk about hay fever afterward.


There is so much to see and so much to do at a good pumpkin patch. I can’t believe it is mostly free. I mean the pumpkins are not but what a picture taker’s paradise. (Note, I’m not a photographer, you say “yeah, no kidding Yogi”,  I’m a picture take. I take pictures, photographers capture images.)



And critters, Carmichael’s has critters.


Don’t you just love goats.


I love taking pictures of others capturing images. Pumpkin patches are happy places. It always seems like everybody is in a good mood and the kids don’t get overexcited. Even the staff seems to have lots of patience.

Logan with Pumpkin 1

SPB found his. Sweetie insists on stems for at least one. Why? Because she knows best that is why. Any other questions?

Hey we have been to the #pumpkin_patch #tulsa

Something about pumpkins, and pictures of pumpkins, is cool!!

#pumpkins on the porch #tulsa

Here they are on the front porch. Ready for some smart aleck to smash!

Have you been to a pumpkin patch this year?

Mandarin Orange Monday

15 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday – Pumpkin Patch

  1. DeniseinVA

    What a great place to explore. I would love to walk through that hay house. To me you are a photographer Yogi, you bring a lot of enjoyment to people who visit here.

  2. Gaelyn

    I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since my kids were small, and now I have grandchildren. What fun. Look forward to some carving pics.

  3. Genie

    We had no pumpkin patches like these whereI grew up on the ocean in south Florida. I just love riding by the farms where they raise pumpkins. There are so many in different sizes and shapes. What a fun post. genie

  4. DrillerAA09

    Whether you “take a picture” or “capture and image”, the fun is making memories with family and spending a beautiful autumn day outdoors. Believe me (or not), you do capture images more often than you think.

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