“S” is for Ships

I saw a bunch of ships during my trip to New Orleans in April.


I saw a paddlewheeler.


And a ferry that I swear could be wider than it is long.


A pair of tugboats. It looked to me like they were pushing against the far shore. Perhaps they were trying to make the Mississippi wider? I don’t know, I’m a landlubber Okie. You tell me what they are doing.


A crewboat of some kind. Did I ever tell you about riding one of these (or something similar) on a long ride to an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Six hour boat ride, or a one hour helicopter ride. And that is why I live in Oklahoma now!


His and Her freighters of some sort. Weren’t they in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog?


I saw three ocean going cruise ships. Going the wrong way. Or at least I thought.


I saw some sleek no nonsense warships from several different nations.


What I liked best were the sailing ships from several nations in town to celebrate “Navy Week.”


Yep, sailing ships are the best. No thanks I’ll stay on the bank taking pics if you please.

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13 thoughts on ““S” is for Ships

  1. Dianne

    the ferry is gigantic!
    yet also pretty

    great shots, some wonderful colors captured

    I love your previous post – made me think of Donald Trump, it’s probably the only thing he doesn’t have 🙂

  2. Sylvia K

    Oh, I love boats and I do remember how many were always there when I lived in New Orleans! I got on several of the paddle wheelers! Such fun!!! You really got some terrific shots of so many wonderful boats!! Hope your week is going well!

  3. Lois Evensen

    Nice picture of Natchez. She was in Cincinnati for Tall Stacks a few years ago (and possibly since) for Tall Stacks when we got some pictures of her.

  4. Daryl Edelstein

    an awesome collection … when i was there pre-Katrina (been back twice since) i took the riverboat tour .. it was nice to be on the water, a cool breeze .. but the views are not all that wonderful ..

  5. Genie

    I will join you with picking the big sailing ships. I went out on one while in Provincetown, and it was such fun. It was not as massive as these, but it surely was big for me. What a nice collection of boats you have here. I know, some are known as ships…I just don’t know where you make that distinction. genie

  6. Leslie:

    Didn’t you see any rowboats, fishing boats, or kayaks? lol Just kidding…great shots of all types of ships. I personally prefer the large kind! 😀

    abcw team

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