Yogi Film Festival Movie #1 “Beer Wars”

We have been watching lots of movies lately. “Beer Wars” I watched online, the others I’m posting we went to theaters.

I just got through watching a dynamite documentary on Amazon’s streaming service, Beer Wars. A film about the beer industry in America. I was hooked, it is about the battle between the big brewers and the little guys in the beer business.

Beer Wars: Brewed in America

It turns out that it is a no holds barred fight going on in the aisles of our grocery stores, on the shelves of our liquor stores and in the halls of Congress as the big guys are fighting to maintain their virtual monopolies and the little guys are fighting for access.

What I like best about the film is the passion of the small brewers. They are in it for love and their love has them in debt, personally. The big guys are fighting slowing sales of their crappy swill and are looking to exploit the niches opened up by the little guys.

But you know, that goes on in almost any business. All is fair in love and war though, right? Above and below are zoomable infographics. The top one shows which brewers own which brands. The big guys have been buying the little guys and so that beer you think is from a small brewer? It may not be. The infographic below shows how dominating the big guys are and how truly small the little guys are.

Well maybe, the disturbing part of the movie is how the big brewers use their campaign cash to buy access to our representatives to reinforce and bolster their advantages. That buying out of Congress is one thing that I think drives both our Tea Party and Occupation neighbors nuts. The brewers are very equal opportunity. They don’t care if a representative is a Republican or a Democrat as long as they vote the right way. I love capitalism and the vibrancy it adds to our economic system, but the access that big money has to congressional power is corrupting the system.

I didn’t mean to get all serious about this. This is a great flick. Watch it, cheap on Amazon dot com. (Free if you are an Amazon Prime Member)

Grab a beer and drink, No no no, not a Bud Light fool, something decent.

5 thoughts on “Yogi Film Festival Movie #1 “Beer Wars”

  1. T Z

    Fascinating. I knew my Blue Moon was associated with Miller, and while marketed as an independant, really pads the pockets of the corporate giants–but I still like it. I agree that the best tasting beers are usually the obscure little guys. Howver, Bud Light is an awesome toilet bowl cleaner.

  2. Sylvia K

    You do have quite a selection and variety of films!! I don’t even remember the last time I went to a movie, but it’s been years! Never was much of a fan, but I have enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you and Sweetie and SPB have an awesome and very Happy New Year filled with all the good things! Enjoy and make the most of every day!


  3. Gemel

    How funny we both ended the year politically Yogi, I think you are right though, it happens in all business, the world over!

    Have a fabulous 2012

  4. SandyCarlson

    Interesting story, Yogi. Thanks for highlighting it. I guess that is another permutation of Davey and Goliath. I’ve got my slingshot ready, and I am going to go have a local beer.

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