Skywatch Friday – West Side Sky

Skywatch West Side - Topaz

I’ve spent hours running, biking, hiking, walking, geocaching, and picture taking along Tulsa’s River Parks. There are miles of trails along both sides of the Arkansas River.  I have never got tired of it.

Skywatch Friday

11 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – West Side Sky

  1. DrillerAA

    It’s hard to believe that at one time it was nothing more than the flood plain for the Arkansas River as it ran through Tulsa. So glad to see the development that has taken place. Nice image Yogi.

  2. SandyCarlson

    That you never grow tired of it means that we do not, either. Always, your photos are a new light on a new world–even if the place does not change.

    I really like the clouds in this one. White clouds like these always make me feel again the simple happiness of being a little kid. There’s something totally wonderful about being free to go outside without a second thought.

  3. Anne Paley

    Love the perspective you’ve got with the fence – you’ve got such a good eye.

  4. Janie of Utah

    Greenspace in cities is so important to the health and welfare of those who live there. Tulsa has done a great job in providing such a beautiful trail.

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