Skywatch Friday – RWD Water Tower

Water Tower RWD  edit

Sunday afternoon I dropped Logan off at his friends house out in the middle of nowhere and then took off across the countryside geocaching and picture taking. Many places out in the country here have Rural Water Districts that provide water for the residences which is nice so you don’t have depend on well water. You will see water towers like this one scattered across the countryside on hill tops.

I didn’t find many geocaches but I got to get out in the countryside and that made everything okay. Its all good!

Skywatch Friday

10 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – RWD Water Tower

  1. DrillerAA

    I am loving these water tower pics. Those that identify a Rural Water District are really special. Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a blessed day.

  2. Peter B

    Beautiful sky! Interesting about the RWD… never heard of it. Our desert place has city water, and folks living near main roads have access to city water. The more secluded homes and cabins (which is a large number) must either drill wells or have water trucked in.

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