Back to the Future at the Celebrity Car Museum in Branson


Here in Branson we went to see Heather’s friend Raine who works at the Celebrity Car Museum. Raines is not only a car guy, he is quite an artist. He painted the Back to the Future themed mural above and almost all of the other art work in the museum. He is a busy man and generously took time to show us everything in the museum.


One of the special cars they have is a 1981 Delorean DMC-12, one of six used in the Back to the Future trilogy of films. As Raine put it, Heather is sitting where Michael J. Fox sat.


Personally, I think Heather looks better than Michael J. Fox ever did on his best day.


Of course, we had to try the time travel part of the car to see if it still worked.


So here is Logan present day. And then we dialed in four years ago, pushed the button and ….


Ooops, who shrunk the kid!!

Have you ever sat where Michael J. Fox sat?

Have you ever traveled through time? I want to hear about it.

7 thoughts on “Back to the Future at the Celebrity Car Museum in Branson

  1. Gaelyn

    Heather definitely looks better in the Delorean than Fox. Sure hope you were able to get the current Logan back. Where did you travel to?
    BTW, I’m in the future of you by about 7-8 hours right now in South Africa.

  2. Leedslass

    When I saw a car my heart sank and then I saw Heather in a car and thought “it’s not too bad” – tolerable car pictures Mr Yogi:-)
    High praise coming from me.

  3. Lois

    To answer your questions, no and no. That is so cool that Heather got to sit in that car! I love the two pictures of Logan. Why do they have to grow up so fast anyway?

  4. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    I’d love to visit this museum! My family was a big fan of the “Back to the Future” movie. When we Universal park in Florida in the 90’s the best ride was a Back to the Future ride –it did make us feel like we went back in time! 🙂

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