Snow Run on Turkey Mountain


Saturday, with a forecast of snow on Sunday, Brian of Tulsa’s Runners World, and one of the leaders of Tulsa’s active running community, put out a call on Facebook for a Snow Run on Sunday on Turkey Mountain followed by a lunch somewhere. There was a huge response. So a bunch of people of all ages and abilities showed up. I had never run in the snow before ¬†on Turkey Mountain so I hey I put aside my concerns about bad streets and all that showed up myself. We had Trail Zombie, the mayor of Turkey Mountain as our guide. He did a great job. Check the link for his post on the run.


It was just a dusting of snow but it was beautiful.



The trails were beautiful. I actually ran in my hiking boots cuz I like my feet to stay warm and I didn’t know how wet it would be. The running in the boots went fine. They are well broken in.

Turkey Mountain Pond

It was beautiful. Oh, I already said that? Well it bears repeating.

Snow Run on Turkey Mountain  cropped

Everybody kind of shuffled along the Snake trail for 3.5 miles. Nobody was in a big hurry. We waited at the trail forks for the stragglers to come in and off we went again.


Afterward some of went to Cracker Barrel to eat and enjoyed some great company and conversation.


Afterward I went home. LJ the cat was not interested in my Snow Run. A belly rub was more what he was looking for.

This was our route. 3.5 miles the scenic way.

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14 thoughts on “Snow Run on Turkey Mountain

  1. Birdman

    In this life, the ‘little things’ count a lot. Case in point: what just .23 inches of snow can do to a scene. Fine trail views. What do you use for a camera when you run?

  2. Gaelyn

    Thanks for going/running/walking whatever and taking photos because the light snow on the fallen leaves is gorgeous. I’d stay home and rub LJ’s belly instead.

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