A Belated White Christmas


Hey we finally got a little bit of snow here in Oklahoma. The kind of snow that I like. It covers the grass and trees but doesn’t stick to the driveways and roadways.


Just enough to get some snow pics but not cause any disruption.

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I’m not a big fan of disruption.



It is amazing how fast the snow shovels and sleds appear  and mild and bread disappear at grocery stores with the first hint of snow.

I’m doing a transition out of Christmas and into New Years. I’ve even quit using my Christmas coffee mug and started using my New Year’s mug. All I need is a few hours of warm weather so I can take the Christmas decorations down.

Have you started your transition yet?

8 thoughts on “A Belated White Christmas

  1. Christa

    We have not transitioned yet. We usually hold onto our Christmas decoration until after the first week of January because I absolutely love Christmas decoration. But I do take down our Christmas lights and tree before January 1. Happy New Year Yogi.

  2. apaley

    We too have experienced snow but with beautiful sunshine. Lovely cold, crisp days – the best winter can offer. I’m like you, my minute tree will be put away either tomorrow or Wednesday. I like to see the room decorated but, by the same token, cannot wait to get back to “normal”.

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