A Long Time Ago, When the Sun Shined


Earlier this week, when the son still shined, I took a little longer walk than usual. I mean you have to when the sun is shining right?


I’m sure glad that I took that walk that was a little longer than usual because the sun decided to go on a New Year’s Holiday.


It may have gone to Hawaii or I don’t know where. I just know that it is not in Oklahoma. It has been cold, wet, and miserable here. So I hadn’t got out to take any other pics.



But, I sure am glad that I took a little extra time that day to enjoy the sun. I’m not sure it is coming back.

8 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago, When the Sun Shined

  1. apaley

    Isn’t it good to see the sun? I’m looking out on a grey, wet day in Leeds, Yorkshire. If it makes you feel any better, Hawaii is experiencing strong gales and rainy weather and it’s “cold”. Their cold probably means a warm day to us Brits.

  2. Birdman

    The sun is basically out in the AM here most days. Get outside jobs done, errands, moving wood etc. Then afternoons it’s on recess.

  3. sylviakirk

    Ah, yes! We’re back to gray, grim, cold and wet!!! I’m glad you got such great shots before the sun deserted you!! Enjoy the weekend — stay warm and dry!!

  4. Jenn Jilks

    It was bitterly cold yesterday, even with sunshine. I’m happier today, with 15cm of snow on the way. The ice rain tomorrow will be a bit hard to deal with!!!

  5. Gaelyn

    The warmth of the sun has been out for days, but the nights are cold in the desert. I’ll bet it will return to OK, someday. But it’s good to get out when it does.

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