Tulsa’s Golden Driller

Tulsa Driller Impressions Van Gogh I


The GoldenĀ Driller is a statue at the State Fairgrounds and is a throwback to when Tulsa was the “Oil Capital of the World.” It has been at is present location since 1966. The oil derrick that he has hand on is a former working derrick from Seminole, Oklahoma.

I love it because it is a reminder of the heritage of Tulsa and it is one of the quirky things in Tulsa like Oral Roberts University’s praying hands.

Do you have any quirky attractions near where you live?

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12 thoughts on “Tulsa’s Golden Driller

  1. Beth

    i will so check him out when & if we get to Tulsa. very cool. he looks so huge. where is the Tulsa lady? i wonder?? he needs a girlfriend. ( :

    1. yogisd7_wp Post author

      I’m going to have to think about the Tulsa Lady. The Golden Driller and Praying Hands need some companionship

  2. Driller's Place

    I remember the Golden Driller and preceeded this one. It was much smaller and was actually perched on the rig. There was an earlier third Golden Driller that was a part of the 1953 International Oil Exposition in Tulsa. All three were originally constructed by Unit Rig.
    There aren’t that many quirky landmarks around here, although Daisy BB guns has their neon sign from the 50’s still in front of their facility.

  3. Amy

    quirky attractions here? um a chocolate factory, local markets, lots of beaches, don’t know if you’d call that quirky though lol

  4. Gaelyn

    An interesting piece of art and history. Must be huge. Hmmm…. on the way down the Yarnell Hill is a painted white elephant supposedly in memory of a circus elephant loosing it’s life at that curve.

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