Snow Day


Well it is Saturday and it is a snow day at the Bates household. We are weenies weatherwise here in Tulsa. I don’t think it snowed more than two inches all day long but we didn’t go anywhere. Tulsa is just now set up very well for bad weather. I’m pretty confident that I can drive safely but many of my fellow Okies just refuse to accept that bad weather should change the way they drive.


It was pretty snowy up and down the street. And my thumb is still skin colored as you can see.


I love taking pictures of lawn ornaments when there is snow.


I had my favorite snow footgear. My insulated crocks. They are very warm and cozy and I can unsnap the liner and throw in the washer when it is dirty. Of course I haven’t done that yet. I’ve only had them  for ten years so check back next year. What!


My obligatory macro pics. I’m not much of macro photographer. Of course I’m not much of any type of photographer. I’m much more comfortable with being called a picture taker. Most photographers would be much more comfortable calling me something besides a photographer also. So it is a win-win. Especially for those photographers who don’t like thumbs in the pics. We picture takers just take that in stride.

I was #Spoiled by Heather for breakfast this morning. Gluten free pancakes, homemade blueberry sauce, eggs, and bacon

On snow days you eat good. Heather cooked this for my second breakfast and made a great stew for dinner. I contributed also, she cooked and I ate. We make a great team.


This is Abigail. Don’t feel sorry for her, she doesn’t want in, she wants somebody to come out and play with her.


Here is the obligatory snow shoveling selfie, complete with some more thumb. No extra charge. No charge for the big ole double chin either. I read that on selfies you are supposed to stick your chin out to avoid big double chins. Just think how many chins I would have if I hadn’t done that. Do you like my new tortoise shell glass frames. I like them. Everybody else goes on and on about how they like them in a manner that makes me think that maybe they don’t like them. You can also see my deviated septum. An old baseball injury from school. Oh well, so much for this.


This is just to prove that I shoveled the driveway. Not too many people do that in the neighborhood. I don’t know why. My next door neighbor does a good job though.

House - Impressions - Swirly Strokes III

And here is the front of the house. Snow has its uses. I think the whole family enjoyed the snow day.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. DeniseinVA

    You have a pretty home and neighborhood. Great pics thumbs and all 😉 I have a few of those. Heather’s cooking looks very yummy, bet that stew was too.

  2. EG CameraGirl

    I’m pretty sure Heather is impressed that you do your share of the cooking. It’s always great to have an appreciative audience.

    Snow in Tulsa? Whodathunkit?

  3. sylviakirk

    What a fun, snowy post for the day!! Thanks for the giggles and grins to start my “SUNNY”, MILD day!!! And I’m WAY north of you and Tulsa!! Stay warm and safe and have a great new week!!

  4. Barb Behmer

    I think snow is magical, but I seem to be in the minority. My glasses are like yours but a little lighter. I count you as one of my favorite photographers. You have a creativity beyond the standard.

  5. Gaelyn

    If it snows, I think a snow day at home is mandatory. Kind of like the thumb. But why shovel it if it’s going to melt anyway. Sure glad my day of precipitation doesn’t require shoveling.

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