Reflections on Turkey Mountain with an Update on the Simon’s Outlet Mall

Turkey Mountain Pond - Impressions Watercolor I 59pct

I went running on Turkey Mountain here in Tulsa last Wednesday night. It felt great, the temperature was cool, and there wasn’t very many people. I had a great time. I stopped by one of the ponds and took a pic of the reflections in the water. We’ve had some rain lately so there is water in the ponds and lakes.

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For those following the status of the Outlet Mall that Simon Property Group is proposing on the mountain:

Simon Property Group, the multi-billion dollar company wanting to build the mall, is requesting a two month delay in its hearing before the Tulsa Metropolitan Planning Commission concerning their project. It is obvious that they were stunned by the opposition they are facing. This is the only time I can remember when a developer was ever slowed down in Tulsa even for the most cheesy of projects.

A local Tulsa magazine “The Tulsa Voice” has a great article on how people in Tulsa love Turkey Mountain and oppose the proposed Outlet Mall.

The city has had to reopen the upper parking lot and start putting up signs trying to prevent people from parking on the streets. The mountain is getting more and more popular.

Todd Huston of Tulsa went to Simon’s headquarters in Indianapolis and tried to present them with a petition signed by 8000 people asking them to cancel their mall plans and a t shirt.

Believe it or not some people actually want a mall at the location and are beginning to make themselves heard. Hey this is a free country.

Check out the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition for more news, photographs, links and other information on Turkey Mountain.

11 thoughts on “Reflections on Turkey Mountain with an Update on the Simon’s Outlet Mall

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh! What a beautiful reflection for the day!! Sorry to hear that mall may get built there after all!! Can’t imagine ever needing ONE MORE mall any place these days, but then I don’t need or want to shop that much any more!! Happy Easter! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Fingers crossed that they’ll give up the mall. So many people are doing all their shopping on line now it really surprises me that anyone wants to build a new one anywhere.

    Beautiful reflections. Happy Easter to all at your house.

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