Skywatch Friday – Pavement and Totem Poles Edition

The past week I’ve been walking the paved trails in Tulsa and suburbs checking out the condition of the pavement. INCOG (“Indian Nations Council of Governments”) asked trail users to participate so they can determine the condition of the various trails. INCOG is an agency that works with the various city and country governments on […]

Our World Tuesday – Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park

Recently, I ventured up Route 66 from Tulsa to Foyil and then on Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park. The park was built by a retired shop teacher, Ed Galloway during the period 1937 to 1961. The signature piece is the 90 feet totem above. It is built of sandstone, with a concrete skin, reinforced with […]

Our World – Road Trip to see Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park

Sunday, SuperPizzaBoy and I loaded up and headed up Route 66 northeast from Tulsa to the little town of Foyil, Oklahoma to check out the world’s largest concrete totem pole. The totem pole is 90 feet tall and is made of concrete over a metal and sandstone base. He started working on it in 1937 […]

LJ and Chrissy Go at it

We have a male cat, LJ, about a year old. He is the bottom critter on the totem pole in the Yogi household. He is the only male animal we have and he struts around and tries to boss the ladies around but they ignore him. He tries to take one of them down every […]