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Monday Meandering in the Heat


Son likes to shop for used video games at a place named Vintage Stock. They have several stores in the Tulsa area. They sell not only video games but new and used DVD movies and CD’s. I don’t mind the place, they know Logan and treat him well and I like to head over to Sun and Ski and look at all the outdoor gear and bicycles that I can’t afford. They treat me well also. Anyways, it is in the biggest strip mall in the universe and I like to walk the long ways around instead of shortcutting across a parking lot. Mainly because I don’t like getting run over by wild drives in a parking lot that would do a football stadium proud. (Hold on, there is a point to all this) Anyway in amongst the many empty storefronts (courtesy of online retailers such as Amazon) there are some real businesses including a Japanese restaurant named Shoguns that has decorated their storefront.


Another view of Shogun’s storefront. I like it when a business does more than absolutely necessary.


Son went to a friend’s birthday party so Heather and I had a little us time at a local restaurant. Us time is important.


I’m still sampling beers that I bought in Alabama from our vacation a couple months ago in Alabama.


Our family likes to go to lots of movies. Theaters now have lifesize displays that encourage one to take pictures of family an friends to post on Instagram and Facebook. Free advertising except the displays are huge and complicated and I’m sure they are expensive. The movie pictured above isn’t going to be out until late this year. The green part of me wonders what happens to the cardboard display. Do they recycle it or do they put it in the dumpster out back. I love the new theaters in town that have the reclining seats. No better way to beat the heat than going to the movies in my book.

Life’s a Beach – In the Air, on the Ground, and in the Water


Heather and Logan went on their parasailing adventure the other day. I didn’t go, the pics were taken by a boat hand.





And then way up there!


Before coming down for a little shark dip, and then the credit card went though and they went up again.


While they were up there, I went to the beautiful Gulf State Park’s Backwoods Trail.


And found some geocaches. No snakes, no bug bites (thanks DEET), but a few thorn scratches.


Heather and I have taken several long beach walks along the Gulf underneath everchanging skies.


And I have been crushing beers in the surf. That is what us guys do, we crush our beers. We have found some decent beer here finally. Alabama is a bigger beer wasteland than Oklahoma.


And I found me a friend at the fishing pier at Gulf Shores. I’m not much of birdwatcher except for the big ones like this Brown Pelican.

Today, we are going on a Segway nature tour of the Gulf State Park. I’ll give you a report later.

New Orleans – Audubon Park via the St. Charles Streetcar


True confessions, this isn’t the streetcar I rode out to Audubon park on.

I’m here in New Orleans at a convention but Monday morning is mainly convention business meetings so I got up and had me a parfait from Starbucks cuz I’m trying to be healthy at least for a few hours and then I walked up Poydras Street from the hotel to St. Charles and caught the streetcar from there to Audubon Park.


I have been to New Orleans several times now but have never set foot on a street car because I was unsure how one paid and where they went and so on and kind of worried about the safety of it all especially since former New Orleans Saint football player Will Smith was murdered in the Garden District just a day or so ago and Audubon Park is in the Garden District.


My first New Orleans geocache in several years. Boy did I take heat on facebook for this. Everybody is going “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” Hey, you take care of you, and I’ll take care of me! Deal.!?

I checked the world wide interwebs and it was kind of strange. People said that despite the New Orleans being the murder capital of the USA, they didn’t feel nervous about putting their garbage out late at night. Whoa, it had never occurred to me to worry about taking the garbage out anywhere I have lived. Should I startt?


Well, I was very brave. I headed out on the streetcar without a weapon, not even a knife or even pepper spray.


Well guess what, Audubon Park is pretty mellow, people walking their dogs, coeds from Loyola and Tulane jogging (how come lots more young women run than men???) old folks walking their dogs. It was a very chill scene (did I say that right? I’m an old guy and I know that I risk making a fool of myself when I pretend that I’m hip.) (Although at this point, I’m beyond caring what people think.) 


Anyways I didn’t go to the Zoo. I walked the two miles around the golf course and it was nice. Huge old oak trees.


Lots of them, and I took lots of pics of them. The trees are alive!!


This looks like a former street to me. Trees and lights on both sides. What’s up.


They have paved trails with politically correct divisions between bikers and runners and dirt trails also.


And some dinosaur looking birds which I think are cormorants but I’ve come to find out that there are a gazillion different types of cormorants as well.

So I walked a little over two miles, took a trip out and a trip back on the Streetcar and started the convention in a very chill mood which I have maintained through the whole day.

And so I was able to visit the L.A. Turbines Voodoo Chapel and get rid of some bad ju ju and reinfore good ju ju. I love a vendor owned by a Belgian, don’t you? Especially one who is generous with Belgian Beer.

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) – Air Travel

Harris Effect 1 - Idaho Falls Airport

Amusing myself with the Harris Effect App on my Ipod Touch at the Idaho Falls Airport

Harris Effect II

More amusement – sometimes I wonder who I amuse.

Harris Effect 3

You can tell the people from Idaho.

Gate Check Blues

Waiting in the jet way for the gate checked luggage. People always seem a little tired and worn waiting for their gate checked luggage. I am always happy that I didn’t have to manhandle it into an overhead bin nor pay $40 bucks to have it checked through. You play your cards right they will check it through from the podium for free.

Cocoa Mole Porter at Denver Airport

The pause that refreshes. The New Belgium Cafe at the Denver airport has a most excellent Cocoa Mole Porter on tap.

Wild Brew 2015


Heather and I went downtown Saturday night to attend Wildbrew 2015, a beer tasting event benefitting The Sutton Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The Sutton Center is a non-profit organization  dedicated to funding cooperative conservation solutions for birds and the natural world through science and education. They were instrumental in reestablishing bald eagles in Oklahoma. 


The place was buzzing when we got there. There were lots and lots of  craft breweries represented and many of the restaurants in town were handling out samples (good size samples) of their food. Heather and I kind of alternated between the beer and the food. Plus the Midlife Crisis Band was playing.


There were so many breweries represented that the lines never got long for any of them. And don’t worry, it was not a drunken brawl. We had little sample glasses. We’d sample it and then dump the rest to go try more. It was fun. Lots of unusual beers out that night.


And the hipsters were out in force although I didn’t see any of the Hipster Nation’s favorite beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon. or “PBR” as the hipsters call it. The thing about hipsters is that not a one of them will admit to it. Sorry dudes, rolled up cuffs are a dead giveaway.



One guy showed up in a kilt. Hey dude, wrong party!!! But stay and have a beer anyway.

Everybody had a great time. There was one attendee who was committed fully to the event.


You know what I mean. This pig gave his all.

Return to Turkey Mountain with the Tatur Tots and an Update on the Outlet Mall


The parking lot was cram full. Word is getting out on Turkey Mountain and its popularity is increasing.


The weather warmed up this week so Tuesday night I went to run after work with the Tatur Tots on Turkey Mountain. An informal group meets Tuesday evenings at 6:30 and Sunday mornings at 7:30 and breaks into groups based on speed. The motto is no one gets left behind.  Typically there is a fast group and a slow group.


So off we went on the slow group, up the blue trail to the upper parking lot and then down the Snake Trail.


See that ridge over there? That is where the Outlet Mall would go. They would extend the ridge this way and put in a 75 foot tall retaining wall right on the creek. They want to start construction this Fall and plan to be done in a year. So in two years just imagine this ginormous parking lot looming over Turkey Mountain like a mesa and all their loose trash blowing out in the wind. Simon has said that we are just going to have to trust them on the water runoff issues and they do not plan on doing anything special in regards to making sure trash doesn’t blow off the property. They are a reputable company, but I’m not in a trusting mood right now. What about you?



And further on we went, or rather they they went, as I was taking pictures.


I caught up with them and took their picture. I think they were discussing doing away with the nobody gets left behind rule as it pertains to slow fat guys who hold everybody up to take pictures.


Aha, nope, it is not Simon Group starting on the mall. It is the River Parks authority reopening the upper parking lot at Turkey Mountain. The lower lot is full most weekends now and on nice days after work.


It’ll be nice to have. Don’t worry, they are reworking an existing parking lot so very little of the mountain is affected.


Time to go home and have an adult malted beverage. It may be a little early for a wheat beer but I had to try this nice Oklahoma brewed Coop Ale Works Elevator Wheat.

Here is our route.

More News about Simon Group’s proposed Outlet Mall (Check Urban Wilderness Coalition for Updates)

A public forum was held this week to discuss all sides of the issue. Simon was invited but didn’t show up. I wanted to go but couldn’t.

Simon has asked for a continuance for their hearing before the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (“TMPAC”).  You just know they are out  behind the scenes, working the city councilors, the mayor, the chamber of commerce, doing the big juicy carrots and ugly stick thing. Whispering “Jobs”, “Development”, “Business” blah, blah, blah into the ears of the movers and shakers. It is very rare for Tulsan’s to try and fight any sort of development. I still don’t know if this movement to get Simon to back off is going to succeed or not is going to work. I don’t know anybody, including me, who is against an outlet mall somewhere in principle. The site for this mall just doesn’t work. Check the Urban Wilderness Coalition site to see how you can help.

Y Not a Yopener? Prairie Artisan Ales Second Birthday


This past Saturday Heather and I dropped Logan off at his rehearsal and we went to far west Tulsa to the Prairie Artisan Ale Second  Birthday celebration. It was cool.


I have been much concerned about hipsters and who they are what are they about. I haven’t meet anybody who admits to being one. Logan tells me that if you say you are one then you are definitely not one. Also, if what you like turns out to be the next cool thing, then you quit doing it. It’s kind of an anti-cool thing. I don’t get it. Do you?


I do think that we spotted a bunch at the brewery. What do you think. We also ran into a friend of ours, John, who is quite a beer guy. He gave us a sample of some the “good stuff” that they were not giving to everybody. It was darn good.  Turns out that John and his son Josh also make a sell a beer bottle opener made out of whiskey barrels. It is called the Yopener. They sell it on etsy here. We bought one. I hadn’t tried it out yet. Besides being cool looking (I admit I have no idea how to use it, but I’ll figure it out) it’s great feature is that opens beer bottles without bending the cap. Myself, I recycle all my caps. Turns out that some collectors like to keep the caps.


It has a magnet and I as I type this it is on our refrigerator ready to do its duty!  In the growler is a Lime Gose. A very nice sour wheat beer flavored with lime and salt. It is sitting nice and safe in my refrigerator right now.


So it was a great time, music, beer, hipsters, friends, and of course beer.

So how do you keep your beer caps from bending when you open a bottle? Do you care? Do you even drink beer? And are you a hipster? Do you know any?

2014 Tulsa Oktoberfest


Friday,  Heather, Logan, and I headed out to the Tulsa Oktoberfest. I had run a race the night before and as part of my entry fee I got a one liter stein. And you know something those steins don’t fill themselves. I had to take it Oktoberfest so it could realize it’s inner “steinness.” If you don’t know what that means then buy my upcoming book “The Inner Life of Beer” and learn all about it.


Logan is rocking his new Oktoberfest cap and pin. I think he looks great.


Logan and Heather make a great couple. I have no idea where he is looking.


Oktoberfest has really upped its game with its beer. It used to be pretty lame but they now have a wide selection of both foreign and domestics, Warsteiner, Boulevard, Marshall Brewing, Paulaner, in addition to the crappy market leading domestics. They had a pretty good variety of food also, bratwurst, sausages, schnitzel and the rest along with typical fair food.


The people watching was world class with lots of people wearing chicken hats.


And one guy that looked like a hipster Hasidic guy.  Hey, you know, the devout have to have beer also. Notice his stein. We also had some people right out of Breaking Bad.


Lots of dancing going on to German music. My favorite is the cross generational type dancing.

I think that a smooth and mellow time was had by all. We kind of ran out of gas and left before Heather could do her chicken dance, but hey we’ll double up on it next year!!

2014 Lederhosen Lauf Three Mile Run at Tulsa’s Oktoberfest

Tulsa’s Oktoberfest is going on this week. I found out Thursday morning that they were having a three mile run, the Lederhosen Lauf Run that night from the Oktoberfest site including a “Non-official” beer stop along with a one liter stein and a free beer afterward. So I had to go sign up is what I think.


And of course my I brought my special “Fraulein Cam” along.


The Fraulein Cam can take other shots as well.

#octoberfest #ferriswheel #sunset #igersok #igerstulsa #myoklahoma

I took this Ferrris Wheel pic  with my phone, not my special Fraulein Cam.


So how come some Frauleins have white socks and others have black. Figuring out things like that can lock my brain up for days.


And your typical shots of people milling around before the race. And it turns out that there are more Frauleins to the right. How come I never see them at any other races? And then we were off right at 7 pm.


Here is the Unofficial Beer Stop at about mile 2.25 or so. No beer for you said the beer nazi’s if you didn’t have a white wrist band. I’m not sure it was enforced. I’m a rule follower so you can bet that I had my white wrist band.


And we had a little unofficial music to go with our unofficial beer at the unofficial beer stop.


I finished the race, vertically with dignity. Got my token for my beer and a one liter stein and went to the beer tent. They had an incredible variety of beer there. The token just got me a pint instead of a liter. I was okay with the pint. A liter seemed a bit much and you know I have this thing about cleaning brand new glassware before drinking from it.


There are a bunch of large tents with different bands in each. It is all very cool.


In this tent they were having the most enthusiastic chicken dance session that I’ve ever seen.


Outside the tent, it was pretty much what you see at your local state fair.

I was all instrumented up for the race (after all you wouldn’t take a Ferrari racing with instruments right?) so you can see just painfully slow that I ran the race. It was fun though. Like I said I finished vertically which was my goal.

So, do you have an Oktoberfest where you live? Do you have a Fraulein Cam? I want to hear about it!

From Bras to Blahs to Brews


Well this week has gone from one extreme to another. Monday night Heather and I went to see a pretty darn wild Katy Perry concert. She is a great entertainer and a speed dresser. What do you think of the happy faces?


And then today it was cloudy and over cast and just plain blah. During blah days I just go with it and use the Hipstamatic App on my Ipod Touch. It makes the pics all kind of grainy and low-fi but it kind of fits my mood.


Plus I get annoyed at all the dummies parking at the Mayo Hotel. Does anybody know how to pull up to the curb any more Culligan man?  I like to hang out and watch everybody piling into the hotel for their weekends in the city.

I call this #sculpture Rulsa's salute to #exoticdancers because I have no idea what is.  #art #publicart #downtowntulsa #igersok #igerstulsa

While I talk about being annoyed, I never have figured out this sculpture.  I’ll tell you what it is. The city fathers of Tulsa decided to put up a sculpture in honor of the exotic dancers of Tulsa. I mean the city fathers needed some way to kill time after work so they wouldn’t have to help out with their kids homework and all and watching the dancers on stage is better than talking to each other so they decided to honor the ladies with this nice sculpture. That’s my feeling and you don’t want to invalidate my feelings do you? That wouldn’t be nice. Besides that I’m thinking about becoming a tea party member. The beautiful thing about being a tea partier is that you can have strong opinions based on your feelings and nothing else. Kind of like most people who are very partisian in their politics. But hey, I’m getting off topic. Not that this post has a topic.


Life is not all doom and gloom though. Not by a long shot. My happy place on Friday afternoons is the Praire Artisian Ales Taproom out on west 49th street in west Tulsa. You know out beyond the refineries and the tank farms and welding shops and drilling tool manufacturers and wrecker yards. They make beer the old school way out there. One barrel at a time. It is good stuff! They are open to the public from 4 pm to 8 pm only on Wednesday and Friday. There are no signs out there. The first time I went I drove by it three times before I drove in and asked somebody in the parking lot who pointed me to a nondescript, unmarked door.

#praireartisianales #brewery #westtulsa #beer #taproom #tulsa  #igersok #igerstulsa

They can only sell 3.2 beer there but it is pretty good. You can get a glass of it or a pitcher or a 64 ounce growler filled up right from tap. Talk about a kid in a candy store. Presently they have a stout, and a sour beer made with lime and salt, and an ale. They are all very good.  So today I got a growler of the ale and a glass of the sour beer and sipped on it out in the parking lot watching the crowd come in for their weekly fix. Guys in suits in ties and refinery maintenance contractors still in their fire retardant work clothes, and everybody in between.

Anyways, the day ended a lot better than it began.

How about you, how is your day going?