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Christmas Moon 2015

Christmas Moon 2015

I’ve been reading about the Full Moon that we were supposed to get Christmas night. The big deal is that it is the first full moon on Christmas since 1977. We are supposed to have some weather blow in so I was wondering if we would even be able to see the moon at all but low and behold we could.

So I got my new camera out and put it on the tripod, the Nikon D5300 and went out there but it didn’t seem to be getting it done so I grabbed my Canon SX40 SuperZoom and tried it out. Even with the tripod it took a long time to get a decent shot where I got good magnification yet kept got the whole moon. This is at about x68 magnification. The camera does x35 optically and the rest digitally.

And just because it is Christmas I will tell you that I ran the the photo through Topaz Lab’s Adjust software first to bring out the details and second to give a little color range to the details.

it is kind of hard to beat the Canon SX40 for moon photography. I couldn’t make it work until I consulted Mr. Google and I learned to just put the camera on “Auto” and let it do the work. I did and it works great.

So, did you have a chance to go check it out this Christmas night?

Christmas Memories


Digging through the files. This is Logan when he was two. He has always been a Christmas kid. 


One year we got me Logan some Thomas the Tank Engine track and cars. I He loved it until Heather took it away from me he outgrew it. Sniff.


At least two out of the three of us can smile.


Boompa and Nana with Logan. Boompa, Charles, was the word’s greatest FIL and a heck of a great guy. He and Logan loved each other and were best friends. He was taken away from us suddenly years ago and we still miss him every day. Boompa loved Christmas and he loved his grandson.


This is my mother, Granny, with Logan when he was about six months or so. Nobody loved her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids like Granny did. She is also gone now.


We are moving forward though making new memories. We are confident that we will meet up with Boompa, Granny, and others again and the memories will be that much sweeter.

For new classic singers can anybody beat Michael Buble?

For great Christian Gospel Hymns check out my friend Driller's Christmas Music Marathon, going on now.

Decorated for Christmas


I love Christmas decorations and Nana, the world’s greatest MIL does it right. This is her tree in the entry way. 

Nana's front room tree

This is the tree in the “front room.”  I used the Hipstamatic App on my Ipod Touch to make most of these pics. I love low fi photography.

Nana's Cast Iron Stove

This is her cast iron stove in the entry way. I lovet greenery and the Merry Christmas sign. 

Heather's Boots

And on the upper level of the stove are my wife’s first cowboy boots. Her grandparents owned a ranch and horses in western Oklahoma (that is still in the family btw) and of course she had to have boots. I love seeing these ever year.


This isn’t a Christmas decoration. This is son Logan at my employer’s Children’s Christmas Party when we first moved back to Tulsa a long time ago. I sure miss those days. A big part of Christmas to me is memories and there are lots of great memories and lots of sad memories of people who are no longer with us. Christmas is also a major Christian holiday. Sometimes I think it is just too much for one day, we need to spread it around to several days.

If you celebrate Christmas, how is your Christmas?

Closing out with my very favorite Christmas Song. “Last Christmas” by Wham. I guess that I consider it an old song but it came out in 1984. So it is an oldie.

Weekend Reflections – Christmas Lights


There is something out reflections at night when it is pitch black outside. It is very disorienting and beautiful at the same time.


Looking down into the water you don’t see the water, it seems like if you jumped in you would fall forever.

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Rhema Bible Training College Christmas Lights


Sunday after church I spent all afternoon putting our modest collection of lights up on the house. It always amazes me how long it takes to drag the stuff out, untangle everything, see what works and what doesn’t, run to the store to get what you need, drag the ladder out and then climb up and down the ladder a gazillion times. That takes 90% of the time, the rest of the time is actually putting up the lights. And then you get to make the adjustments and replace bulbs that decided not to light and well you know. Here we are.

So, we loaded up and and went to the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow to the campus of Rhema Bible Church and their gift to the community of a pure over the top Christmas lights show. (And yes, check out the web site, don’t tell them Yogi sent you unless you want to be prayed over, a lot, and then escorted off the campus.)


Their web site say they have two million lights and that seems like an undercount to me. There are lights everywhere.


I hope they get a discount on their power bill because even with led’s I bet that Public Service Company of Oklahoma is keeping an extra generator going.

Gingerbread Man

They have trees wrapped and all sorts of characters like the gingerbread man above.


Heather and I liked the tree wrapped above with all different color lights. I wonder what the story is.


They do all this for free. It is just amazing and it is very popular.

Noah's Ark

And an ark.

Merry Christmas

And a Merry Christmas sign


And there is Logan and Heather. And no, she is not shrinking. It just looks like it.

Rhema keeps the lights going from 5:30 to 11:30 nightly through January 1. Go check them out if you are close.

A Belated White Christmas


Hey we finally got a little bit of snow here in Oklahoma. The kind of snow that I like. It covers the grass and trees but doesn’t stick to the driveways and roadways.


Just enough to get some snow pics but not cause any disruption.

#snow #holly #berries #red #igersok #tulsa #oklahoma

I’m not a big fan of disruption.



It is amazing how fast the snow shovels and sleds appear  and mild and bread disappear at grocery stores with the first hint of snow.

I’m doing a transition out of Christmas and into New Years. I’ve even quit using my Christmas coffee mug and started using my New Year’s mug. All I need is a few hours of warm weather so I can take the Christmas decorations down.

Have you started your transition yet?

Christmas Critters 2014

Christmas Critter Collage 2014 2

I always have a little bit of a problem with Christmas. I’m kind of slow to get going on the ole Christmas Spirit and then I can’t just stop it on a dime. I kind of have to slowly wind down.  So that’s why I’m still posting Christmas after it is over. Today it is our Critters. We include them in our Christmas although the dogs were a little put out because we didn’t get them new toys this year. Heather brought out last years toys and they were not impressed a bit. We did have treats for them.

Do you celebrate Christmas with your animals?

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If Santa were Truly Magical he would Assemble and not Just Deliver

I don’t get the whole deal with Santa Claus, do you? I mean the little fat dude and his elves somehow to arrange to deliver all sorts of goods from all sorts of places to kids all over the world in just a matter of hours. He is almost as good as Amazon Prime. My question is why can’t he assemble the stuff he delivers? I mean finish the job. I can tell you with Logan over the years I have spent hours putting together bicycles and action figure sets and scouring the internet looking for tips. Cmon Santa, throw us a bone why don’t you?


I’m using my new sports video camera. it takes stills also. I hadn’t disabled the date function yet.


Santa got Logan a new trampoline this year. It is his third. He loves his trampolines and just wears them out. So Santa keeps bringing him new ones. Well Santa just delivered this big ass heavy box  that has been in our garage for a few days. And that’s the end of his responsibility. It is up to me to get the thing moved out back and assembled.


Sorry about my messy garage. Santa doesn’t clean and organize garages either.


Yeah, well I’m an older Dad and we older Dad’s don’t struggle with the box moving it out back. We take the stuff out of the box and move it out back in several trips. That’s not as manly as taking the whole box back but sure is a lot easier.


Nice thing about winter is that grass turns brown and doesn’t grow.


So there it is. Now if Santa was magical, couldn’t he just give me a shazzam to make it all pop together?


The camera has a 170 degree view which gives everything a fisheye effect which works for this kind of shot.


Hey, I got something better than a shazzam, I got Heather back from a shopping trip with Nana. (In case you are wondering Nana financed the trampoline.) Heather immediately regretted not shopping longer as I recruited her into finishing the task.

So with Heather, you just get right to work. No stopping to take pics or anything like that. She is a mom you know. Mom’s don’t put up with Dad’s foolishness too much. Anyway I used my new SJ4000 camera to video Logan and his friend Q jumping and then I handed the camera to Logan to get a view of what the world looks like while you are jumping on the trampoline. It records in HD mode which for nice pics but it takes forever to load them. Sorry about all the fingers and thumbs. I’m still learning.

So, what do you think? Should Santa assemble as well as deliver?

Another Christmas in the Books

Christmas 2014 is winding down.  Ours was a low key affair. Just our family of three and Nana, the world’s greatest Mother-In-Law.


We slept in and checked out our Santa gifts and then just chilled out with coffee.


Logan stayed in his pajamas all day. He deserved it. He had a very successful first semester in his new school with amped up academics compared to his old school.  So, what the heck. Stay in your pj’s all day Logan.


Nana came over with her two dogs and we exchanged gifts. No big expensive items this year. I got two more cameras. I think have more cameras than anyone I know. One was a sports camera kind of like a Go Pro. Hopefully more on that later.  The other is a Fuji Instant Camera kind of like the old Polaroids. It is a hot item among teen age girls and me. It makes very small low fi pics and if you know me, that is right up my alley. Here are a few examples.

Fujifilm Instamax Collage

We didn’t smoke a turkey. Heather made a breakfast casserole. Lots less fuss. We thought a lot about our family elsewhere. My family was in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Colorado Springs, and Wisconsin. Heather had family in western Oklahoma and north central Texas. We also thought about family members who are not around any longer.


The pets always provide a little comic relief. They always have that look like “what is going on/”


I promise you, somewhere under all the lettuce, and other veggies are some world class enchiladas.



Later in the evening we moved the show to Nana’s house. Heather made New Mexican style flat enchiladas with green chile sauce and of course an egg on top. They are kind of like regular enchiladas except not rolled up and are very good. It was a big treat when I was a kid. And of course they come with a fried egg on top. We finished off the evening with a fierce game of Farkle. I mouth off a lot during such games and enjoy other people trying to get their revenge.

Anyways, this Christmas went pretty well. How was yours? I want to know. Also, have you ever had flat enchiladas?