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Back to the Grindstone!


My barber of 24 years finally retired so Logan and I now have the same one.

I took a lot of time off this Christmas. About two weeks in all. 


I always love following Heather around the grocery store taking photos of her in action. She never seems to enjoy it as much as I do.

I didn’t do a whole lot, mainly just hung out the family, including my Mother-in-Law we watched movies, ate a lot of great meals and spent a lot of time together.


Ginger discovered the joys of the fireplace. She doesn’t like sharing it with LJ the cat though.

Our spoiled critters got even more spoiled.



We celebrated Christmas in almost all the senses, the spiritual,


and the Family.

So I had a good time and I’m looking forward to getting back to work.

Christmas 2015 – In the Books


Christmas happened this year. Hear you go a rare shot of me in my snuggie. 


The kid with his Nana. The kid is getting taller and taller. Is there something we can spray him with to slow him down a little bit.


Heather and Nana, quite a team.


I got a candid shot of Heather. She said she hated it but then she made it her profile pic on facebook. Should I hit her up about royalties?


I captured Nana also.


Before the Christmas meal. We decided to have it more informally this year in the kitchen. Lots less work that way.

ellen scan christmas in th 60's

My sister Ellen posted this on facebook today. She’s the cute one in the middle. I’m the good looking guy on the right and brother Bob is on the left. I’m guessing mid 1960’s in Price, Utah. We always had a great Christmas. Often we would load up afterward and head up to southern Idaho to see our relatives there. That was fun, or we would head down to Phoenix and see people down there. That was fun also. Bob and Ellen, with her husband Irvin, spent Christmas in Idaho with my dad this year.

ellen scan christmas in the 80's

She also posted this picture of her three girls. I’m guessing in the 1980’s.  Dana is on the left. She and her husband Adam are in Australia visiting his family with their little girl who was born this year. Adam is an Australian citizen you see and their little girl has dual citizenship which I think is totally cool.  Jillian in the middle is also visiting my dad, her Grandfather for Christmas in Idaho. Her husband Brian is in the Army serving his country overseas this season. Mary on the right spent Christmas in Colorado Springs with her son this year.


This isn’t a Christmas picture but it is Ellen and her Husband Irvin with Logan back at the turn of the century. 

Son, Dad, Brother

This is also not a Christmas pic but it shows my dad in between Logan and brother Bob.


And this is brother Bob and me with our mother a long time ago in Coyote, New Mexico.  She is never far from our thoughts.


Hey you know, when we celebrate Christmas we celebrate it with the critters also. This is abby our sweet but not very smart mutt.


And Rascal, he is sweet and smart. You can see that he has been reading the paper.


And our sweet but perpetually cold mutt Ginger. My niece Dana pictured above lives in the Phoenix area and I think Ginger would like us to move there also.


And Nana’s dog Fiona. She always enjoys visiting us, but is ready to go home when that times comes also.

That was our Christmas this year or at least part of it. I’m big into Christmas not running into a huge stop on Christmas Day so I’m going to go ahead and everybody a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Memories


Digging through the files. This is Logan when he was two. He has always been a Christmas kid. 


One year we got me Logan some Thomas the Tank Engine track and cars. I He loved it until Heather took it away from me he outgrew it. Sniff.


At least two out of the three of us can smile.


Boompa and Nana with Logan. Boompa, Charles, was the word’s greatest FIL and a heck of a great guy. He and Logan loved each other and were best friends. He was taken away from us suddenly years ago and we still miss him every day. Boompa loved Christmas and he loved his grandson.


This is my mother, Granny, with Logan when he was about six months or so. Nobody loved her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids like Granny did. She is also gone now.


We are moving forward though making new memories. We are confident that we will meet up with Boompa, Granny, and others again and the memories will be that much sweeter.

For new classic singers can anybody beat Michael Buble?

For great Christian Gospel Hymns check out my friend Driller's Christmas Music Marathon, going on now.

Philbrook Festival 2015


Last Sunday we grabbed up the world’s greatest mother-in-law, Nana, and took her off to the Philbrook Museum of Art to check out their Festival. It used to be “Festival of the Trees” with all sorts of decorated trees but they are not doing that anymore. Oh well, as we are told at work, we embraced change and pressed on. They have a wonderful Andy Warhol special exhibit going, so we checked that out and then went upstairs to see the gingerbread houses.


For some reason I love gingerbread houses.


This was one of my favorites because of its detailing.


They had a Santa on the roof.


And a parlor with a Christmas Tree and fireplace.


I also loved this Hobbit gingerbread house.


And here is another shot, this time with Heather behind the lens. Nana, Logan, and me with my cap. Do you like my cap? I love it; it is wool felt, water resistant and very warm. Us fat, bald headed guys love warm hats in the winter. I think that a good time was had by all, with or without the designer trees.

Lots Going on Here Lately

There has been lots going on these days. I have not been a very good blogging friend I am sorry to say.


Heather, Logan, and Nana after the play.

Let me see, first up this week, Logan was in a play at school. He plays Baloo the bear in the play “Just so Mr. Kipling” a drama based on Kipling’s characters in The Jungle Book.


It is a a great role for Logan with his deep booming voice. He makes a great bear. The kids all did great. For a one act play it has  pretty large cast and you can tell the kids and the director really worked hard on it. They competed in a regional competition a couple weeks ago and won first place. So next week the State Championship so we are all loading up and heading down to Mustang, Oklahoma where the competition is being held.


And then Wednesday night was Corporate Night at Tulsa’s Oktoberfest. We took some customers to the event to drink beer, do the chicken dance, and wear funny hats. I didn’t take too many pics. Not good when you are with customers. I did get a pic of our VP of Operations holding two full beer steins. I am not sharing the pic with you guys though. At least not yet. Maybe after I retire, or he retires, or something like that.


The beer was great. This is Lagunitas IPA. Yum, yum, is what I say.


And then Thursday night the choir’s at Logan’s school gave a concert. Everybody from the first graders on up. Again they did a great job. Again, all I got is fuzzy pics from my cell phone. Sorry.


Saturday, Logan and I are heading out to the Wizard World at Tulsa’s Comicon. Fun, fun,fun exploration of the weirder side of our popular culture.. This pic is from last year’s event.

So that is what we have been doing. Kind of bouncing between Culture, Debauchery, Divine Music, and then Popular Culture. I’m really messing the kid up.

What have you been up to?

Our World – Off to Idaho

I have been off to Idaho to visit my Dad for a long weekend.


Here is me and my Dad in his very first every selfie!

UntitledThis is in the Tulsa Airport using the Harris Effect App on my Ipod Touch. I love people watching.  IMAG0427I flew to Denver and changed planes. United and their partners in crime Skywest fly the most uncomfortable cramped planes I have ever been in.  Other than that, everything was great. IMAG0428 Anyways I got in kind of late and needed a bite to eat. So we went an Idaho outlet of a good old Oklahoma company, Sonic.UntitledWhen I got home I saw that Dad had properly stocked his refrigerator.  We can’t get Fat Tire beer in Oklahoma because our messed up liquor laws. #LowRider at my Dad's neighbor in#IdahoFalls it has been for sale for five years #givemeabreak #you'rekillingmesmallsLooking for a car? Dad’s neighbor has a low rider for sale. Let me know if you are interested. IMAG0442I went on a couple walks. Idaho, like Oklahoma is kind of rural. IMAG0440On a geocaching search I came across this old park. It is not maintained any longer for some reason but somebody put up a brand new net on the basketball goal. _DSC0983I took a walk along the Snake River and looked at the Falls that has given Idaho Falls its name. _DSC0986

And downstream a replica of one of the original bridges way back when.

Anyways, I head back home Monday, I’ve had a great weekend visiting with my father.

Linking with Our World Tuesday

Weekend Update

We had a lot going on this weekend.


Logan had his first riding lesson in a long time. He sprained his ankle back really badly back in May and had been in a boot and then on restriction since then. He was glad to get back in the saddle on a hot Saturday.


After the riding lesson we loaded up in the car and headed off to Livesay Orchards out in the boonies about 45 minutes southeast of Tulsa. We hadn’t been there since Logan was a baby and man is it popular. We ended up in a group of nine cars headed out there and when we got there we found out there was a line to get in. The line moved fast though. I mean they are selling mainly peaches so it doesn’t take long for people to pick out what they want and move on.



And man where their peaches, bushels, pecks, half pecks anything you wanted as long as it was peach related.



After that we headed cross country to the ‘burb of Bixby to Dotson’s Produce and picked out some Amish Tomatoes. I never did figure out if that was a type of tomato or the religion of the farmer that grew them.


Dotson’s had all sorts of other produce. We tend to go crazy in a place like that.


We decided to counterbalance all healthful vibe of the produce with some Hawaiian Ice which is Okie for ice cream cone at a place nearby. Part of the fun is waiting in the heat. Is it against the law for those places to provide shade for their customers?


Sunday was church, seeing the movie “Ant-Man” with one of Logan’s friends and then an historic occasion. Logan left with his friend, with his friend driving. First time that happened!

Then Heather and I had dinner and drinks with some friends and then out to pick up Logan out in the country.  IMAG0078

So we ended the weekend with a nice crescent moon.

So our weekend was great, how was yours?

Linking with Our World Tuesday

Our World Tuesday – Crashing a Pool Party

This past weekend we ventured out to the big skies of western Oklahoma.  We had lots of fun but let me tell you about one thing that happened. And I swear that it all happened just like I say below, more or less.


We drove a long ways down a dirt road. A red dirt road. We have lots of red dirt in Oklahoma, and it doesn’t wash off.


And then we turned off the dirt road and made our own road. You know why….??


To crash a pool party!!!


Hmmm, have you ever felt not really totally welcome at a party?


So rather than jump in, we started taking pictures. Here is Sue Carol and Glenn.


And here is Logan, Nana, and Heather.


Well here is….well here is trouble is what this is: Sue Carol, Heather, Nana, and Cheri Lou (aka the ring leader.)


And here is the ring leader with her husband Joe. Everything was going along great and then…


This happened!! Whoa, slow down guys. I know I told you guys to act like you like each other. But hey, slow down I said. Easy!


Things happened fast after that. This one stomped off first.


And then the rest of herd stampeded off. Who knew that cows could be such prudes.


And here is Juliette leading off Roscoe, “…in front of a child..” Juliette was heard muttering. You know, when the donkeys shun you, it must be bad.


But we kept on clicking. With all the rain at least they didn’t leave a cloud of dust.

And I swear this all happened just like I said, more or less.

Linking with Our World Tuesday

Remembering in a Good Way: Looking at Old Photographs

We had one simple assignment from Logan’s school lately. They want us to pick out one baby picture and one picture from either Kindergarten or First Grade. Sounds simple right? Well if you are picking photographs of some other person’ kids, maybe, but our kid (or your kid) I don’t think it is possible.  All sorts of things start happening when you start looking at old pics, especially if a little wine is around. You start laughing and almost crying almost at the same time. But in our effort to pick out two photos we are about half done, maybe. Until we find another box of pics.

Baby Logan with Book

This is a candidate. Logan has always loved books, even before he could read. He is still quite a reader.

Logan Baby with shades

And this is our probable candidate. He has always been a beach baby and swims like a fish.


And this is another favorite.

Napping on the Beach

This is beyond baby stage but this is my almost all time favorite picture of Logan. Napping on the beach at Destin a long time ago. I’m kind of cheap but I’ll spring for the chairs and umbrellas from the beach service every now and then, just cuz. This is the one picture I’ve had of Logan in my office for over a dozen years. No matter how stressed I get, I can look at this and chill out. How do you like that thumb action.


Switching gears. This is Logan and his Boompa, Boompa was Logan’s best buddy. He is no longer with us but his memories remain. He was the world’s greatest father-in-law and we miss him.


And look at this. Here is me, actually getting married. And she still lets me hang around. Twenty six years!!


And here is me, in the pre Heather days. See, I told you I had hair. Not much hair but I had it, and about 40 less pounds. This was at my parents house in Albuquerque. There I was with keys in my hand impatient to get back to Houston. Why was I in such a hurry? What did I think I was going to miss?

My advice to everybody, look at old photographs more often.

Father’s Day

While we were on our family vacation in Hawaii, The Smokey Bear facebook site posted this photo below. I would have missed it by myself but we had some family members who subscribe to the site who tagged me in it. It was quite a thrill seeing this picture. It shows my Dad and myself at the Pecos Ranger Station in New Mexico. I have a Smokey Bear and dad is pointing off in the distance. I was just two years old at the time and of course have no memory of it. Dad was the District Ranger which put him somewhere below the President and above just about everybody else in my mind.

Dad me at Pecos Ranger Station

The photographer who did the shoot for the Forest Service sent Dad a bunch of prints including this one where my Dad is pointing off in some other direction and brother Bob was looking elsewhere.


Dad is now retired in Idaho. I have always been proud of him. Way back then and even more so today.  He has always been my idol.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!