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Our World Tuesday – Philbrook’s Festival of the Trees


The family loaded up and went to Philbrook Museum of Art‘s annual Festival of the Trees. It’s a don’t miss event for me. It is a fund raiser where artists and organizations build Christmas trees and rich people buy them!!! The museum patrons get to see the them before the rich guys take them home.


One of my favorite trees was a Route 66 tree with a symbolic route 66 as a garland.


It had a all sorts of route 66 doodads on the tree. I liked this map segment. I used to work for Standard Oil Company. Which got bought by British Petroleum who spun my assets off to Tex/Con Oil and Gas which was bought by a part of Public Service Company of Oklahoma who then sold them to Shell Oil Company. Dang!! I’m off topic. I love those old maps though.


My other favorite tree was dedicated to the men and women who serve in our armed force and how much it means to them to be able to get home for Christmas.


That tugs on my heart strings because I have family members who have spent time away from their loved ones while serving our country. I’ll bet most of the people who read this post will also. Regardless of what country.


As far as I am concerned, the best way that the most people make it home for Christmas is by making sure we, as a country, don’t do anything stupid.


There was another tree with a similar but different theme. It was dedicated to the people in the armed services.


It had all the services on the tree but I liked the Navy stuff.


So is that a Barbie doll or what on top?


The event also has gingerbread houses. Many of them by Girl Scouts. I’m a big believer in scouting. I liked this camping theme.


Heather, the official by goodness Oklahoma State University certified Master Gardener liked this gardening theme and so did I.


I liked this thin mint walkway, along with more camping theme. Plus I like the thin mints. Did I mention that I like thin mints. So when do Girl Scout cookie sales start, March?? I don’t know if I can last that long.


I hope that you don’t mind. But of all the trees, gingerbread houses, and other works of art presented at the Festival of the Trees, this was my absolute favorite.


And here we are. My youthful wife, and my great son. I look more and more like the wizened old man all the time. At least when I stick my chin out to minimize my my chins. When I don’t I look more like Jabba the Hut!!

Anyway, so much for that. What have you done lately??

Our World Tuesday