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Yogi Takes the Challenge

Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith or maybe her very talented daughter or both tagged me via Instagram to take the the Ice Bucket Challenge so Tuesday night I took it myself with son Logan getting to do the honors. Heather did a great job on the camera.

Tell you what, the only thing worse than seeing photographs of myself is watching videos of myself. So I posted this on facebook and called out a bunch of people and if you are reading this I challenge you also!! Too late to escape, I go the tracking tools and I know who you are.

I looked through Youtube for other ice challenges. I love Lady Gaga’s version, so cool. Plus a rare opportunity to see a video of her with all her clothes on. Taylor Swift also did a challenge but there was too much girly squealing for me. Really Taylor, really, grow up.

Michael Buble took the challenge in a stoic Canadian kind of way.

Oprah Winfrey lends authority to the challenge in her classy way. Come back Oprah!!

Go check out youtube dot com for other examples. You know for a rare disease there seems to be a lot of people I know personally with ALS.