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Skywatch Friday – The Super Moon a Day Late

Super Moon A Day Late-Edit Topaz Textures

Here is my Super Moon photo!! Actually I was a day late. I flew up to Idaho to visit my Dad in his Assisted Living Center and I neglected to take my moon camera. So I took this the day after the Super Moon Full Moon so I was close. I have a Canon SX40 SuperZoom and boy does it take great (at least I think they are great, okay) moon shots. I used to use a tripod with it but now I just hold in my hands on the auto setting a let her rip (as we say in Oklahoma). And if you know me, you know I cheated. If the skies are clear I haul out the Canon every time the moon is full and take a few shots¬†. Of course the moon being the moon it doesn’t ever change much so I could really be cheating on this. But you know that I would never do that.


Dad and I. I think this is like his third or so ever selfie. He has a lot of catching up to do. Not that he feels the need for it. He doesn’t understand why everybody spends all their time looking at their phones.


This is a door wreath that my sweet, crafty, and considerate sister Ellen made for Dad. If you look closely at his US Forest Service Arm patch from his uniforms, a Smokey Bear, and a University of Idaho rifle team patch from his letter sweater. Dad had to drastically downsize when he moved early this year and Ellen was able to recycle some of the items into this wreath.


I took a run on Idaho Falls’ river trails. It was ridiculously warm while I was there but is frosty now. Just so you know I’m going to recycle this pic at some point in the future. Idaho is just so beautiful!

I stayed in a separate room at the Assisted Living Center. I think he is in a good place. The staff is very nice and very patient and they know everybody. The rooms are nice and the food is pretty decent. They have lots of activities planned and a couple of vehicles to get everybody to their doctor’s appointments and shopping and such.


The Falls that give the town its name are very dramatic. I never get tired of going to see them.

So we had a good visit. I got him to go to an exercise class and we both had a great time. The two instructors were very nice and inclusive and very supportive and the other students were having a great time so hopefully dad will go back.


A cool link between Idaho Falls where my Dad lives and northeast Oklahoma where I live is that Wilson Rawls, who wrote “Where the Red Fern Grows” wrote it while he lived in Idaho Falls. He and the book are celebrated with this sculpture in front of the city library.

But I didn’t take my camera so I took the pic of the moon after I got back to Tulsa.

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Six Word Friday – the Falls

The prompt today is Fall, cheater than I am I am going to use Falls. Last weekend I spent in the town of Idaho Falls. People in southeast Idaho sometimes just call the town “the Falls” kind of like people in Oklahoma call Oklahoma City, “the City” as in, “We went to the city last month.” Anyways Idaho Falls actually has a waterfall of the Snake River right downtown. So you are thinking I’ve gone way over six words. Well I hadn’t started yet you see. Anyways here I go.


Above the Falls!


Below the Falls!

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Wordless Wednesday (Almost) – Air Travel

Harris Effect 1 - Idaho Falls Airport

Amusing myself with the Harris Effect App on my Ipod Touch at the Idaho Falls Airport

Harris Effect II

More amusement – sometimes I wonder who I amuse.

Harris Effect 3

You can tell the people from Idaho.

Gate Check Blues

Waiting in the jet way for the gate checked luggage. People always seem a little tired and worn waiting for their gate checked luggage. I am always happy that I didn’t have to manhandle it into an overhead bin nor pay $40 bucks to have it checked through. You play your cards right they will check it through from the podium for free.

Cocoa Mole Porter at Denver Airport

The pause that refreshes. The New Belgium Cafe at the Denver airport has a most excellent Cocoa Mole Porter on tap.

Southeastern Idaho’s Snake River

Snake River Swan Valley Adjust

We just got back from a long weekend trip to Idaho Falls, Idaho to visit my Dad. While there we headed off east to see some sights including the Snake River as it goes through Swan Valley.


The Snake River is a major draw for trout fisherman. Above was a fisherman on a sandbar. You can see his dory anchored nearby. I hope that he had it secured because if that thing gets loose it would be long gone. The Snake is a swift river.

#SnakeRiver #SwanValley #Idaho #Latergram

We admired the view for a little bit and moved on.

Ruby Tuesday – Cousins at the Zoo


This past summer son and I went to Idaho Falls to see my Dad. Sister Ellen and her husband Irv and their grandson Mr. Beans drove up from Colorado Springs and so we all met up and had a good time. Above is son Logan and his cousin Mr. Beans in a red archway at the local Zoo in Idaho Falls, Tautphaus Park Zoo.

Here is a little bit better shot.


Oh well, it was kind of a shadowy face kind of sun while we were there.

Ruby Tuesday

Temple at the Falls

Idaho Falls Temple on River

Situated on a pretty spot on the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho is the Mormon Church’s Idaho Falls Temple. Next to the Falls it may be the most noticeable feature of the city. It is almost pure white and has a gold statue on top.

Idaho Falls Temple HDR

Groundbreaking started in 1939 and the Temple dedicated in 1945 and is still in use. It is not open to non-members but they do have a visitor center on the grounds open to everyone. I don’t think they mind visitors checking out the beautiful flowers on the ground.

Idaho Falls Temple Moroni

An interesting feature of most, not all LDS Temples, is the Angel Moroni. Interestingly enough the suggestion to add the statue to Mormon temples came from a non-Mormon sculptor, Cyrus Dallin. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Angel Moroni is here. He almost always faces east. I was too lazy to walk around the temple to get a picture of the front of the statue.