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Skywatch Friday – Thunder Rolls Edition

We got our March weather going on, cold and windy one day, hot and windy the next.

With every once in a while a windy glorious day.

Wind is just a fact of life in Oklahoma. Good for flying kites, bad for flying drones.

Grass Fire

Also bad for grass fires in the spring before the prairie turns green.


As I mentioned on the Skywatch Friday page, the family of the Ree Drummond, of Pioneer Woman fame, is going through a tragedy. Ms. Drummond’s husband and his nephew had a head on collision while driving fire trucks battling a blaze on their property. The husband refused treatment but the nephew is suffering severe injuries. I’ve never met them but we watch their television show. I know people who know the family and they all say that what you see on the media is just what the family is, genuine. Anyway, my prayers go out to the family.

Oil Prices in March 2021

And a little editorial here. Lots of people are wondering if the recent rise in gasoline prices are related to our present President’s executive orders. I don’t think it. Above is a chart of oil prices over the last year. When the economy tanked in March of 2020 due to the Pandemic, the price of oil cratered as well. In fact on one glorious, hopefully never to be repeated day, oil prices were negative. Since then the price has rebounded, mainly due to the economy recovering. It doesn’t have anything to do with who is president, it has more to do with the economy and what kind of mood OPEC is in.

And now a musical interlude. This deal with the Pioneer Woman reminded me of what I love about Oklahoma. I’ve lived here for about thirty five years and yes, it has problems but the people are big hearted, generous and welcoming. It made me think of Garth Brooks. He reminds me so many Oklahomans I have met. Very down to earth. So here is one of his songs.

I am linking with Skywatch Friday. Come join in!!

Morning Run


Lafortune Park early in the morning

Lots going on these days. Logan’s prom is Saturday night, he graduates in a month. We have new carpet coming for upstairs and we (mostly Heather) have been painting. I’ve been a lousy blog friend and I’m sorry about that. 


A bridge at Lafortune Park. When Logan was a toddler he liked to hang out under this very same bridge.

Plus lots of stuff going on at work also. People quitting and others moving around. That takes time to adjust to. I spent a few days in New Orleans last week at a Natural Gas Processing conference and have been to a couple briefings since then put on by some high priced consultants. Bottom line, bullish for crude oil, bearish for natural gas.  We’ll see what happens! What is really surprising is the inroads that renewables have made into power generation. Yep, solar, wind, and hydro are taking market share. I’m a big believer in the market. The big loser is coal.

I’m kind of an “All of the Above” type guy on energy even though I work in the natural gas industry. You want to know what we need to do if we really want to reduce carbon? Nuclear. Yep, if you are serious about reducing carbon, nuclear can do it and do it on a big scale. That scares all sorts of people half to death. Especially since many of the big nuclear explosions from back in the day are now declassified. They are terrifying actually. Below is a video of the first US Hydrogen bomb test in the south Pacific called the “Mike Shot.”

What do you think?