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2019 Porter Peach Festival 5K Race Report

I have been running races now since 1994 and have probably run hundreds of them. I can’t run very much any longer nor very far and so I am trying to branch out and run races in places and on courses that I haven’t run before. This past weekend I ventured down to the small town of Porter, Oklahoma about a half hour southeast of Tulsa.

Like the water tower said, Porter is the Peach Capitol of Oklahoma and the event was the Porter Peach Festival 5K.

(Stolen photo off Paula’s facebook page)

I met up with Paula, my sometimes racing partner, and her friend, Larissa a friend of Paula’s who is also pretty new to racing.

As part of the post race refreshment there was peaches!! I thought about having one beforehand but held off.

Porter Peach Festival 02

The race started and off we went including our group of three. We speed walked the race. This is one of the sights we saw. Just in case we missed anything we got to see it again as the race course was a double loop.

Another photo shamelessly stolen off Paula’s facebook feed.

And here we are at the finish line. As you can see, we were not the last people to cross.

They didn’t have post race beer, most small town races understandably don’t, but I’ll take fresh off the tree peaches anytime.

And then we went geocaching. My first in Porter and 1686th overall.

And here is that stats. Click on the above and you can get the raw truth about the course and how we ran (walked) it.

So a good time was had by all!

Race rating time

Course – check – nice pavement, good traffic control and people making sure you stayed on the route

Community Involvement, check plus, the festival is a blast.

Refreshments – Lots of iced down water and peaches and lots of water. What else do you want?

T Shirt – Check Shirts Guaranteed for everybody for a fairly late enrollment time. That’s fair! Plus the design is great. I’d show you a photo but I didn’t take a photo before I put it in the laundry, and I don’t like to show my dirty laundry on this site.

Overall – A+ I will be back

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