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Weekend Reflections – Noir


Son and I went on a walk around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park last week and as usual I took three cameras with me. A Nikon point and shoot, an Apple Ipod Touch, and my generic Android cell phone. I took this with my cell phone and then filtered the photo through an app on the phone with a “Noir” app that provided the ghostly reflections above.

It is kind of hard to see where photography is going, the cell phone apps are getting ever more sophisticated and both my point and shoot Nikon and my “big” Nikon have wifi capability where I can move photos from the cameras to either the Ipod or the cell phone for processing and posting. I’m really enjoying see how things are changing. I don’t know where they are going though.

So where are you on the App revolution? Do you use them or not?

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Hot Weather Run on the River


Hot weather means less people running and cycling on the Trails.

While we were in Hawaii the weather here in Tulsa got hot. We are now approaching full blown summer weather. Last Wednesday I went for a run after work in the 96F heat. I know how to run in the heat. Run slow, which comes naturally to me, carry water, take lots of breaks and listen to your body is what I do.


With the construction of a gathering place going on, running is limited on the east side so I cross over to the west side of the river. With all the rain we have had the river is up and there are lots more fishermen that what I normally see. I don’t know what they are fishing for but they are hard at it.


I found a little cross stuck in the ground. A memorial to somebody obviously. I don’t know who and there were no names. I say a little prayer for peace to whoever put it there and move on.


The main function of Tulsa Power Station is to bolster the rate base. I think it is the last unit on and the first one off during the summertime heat loads. It sure seems to fire up during smog alerts in the summer.

I only went about a mile and a half down the river to the PSO Tulsa Power Station and went down to the long forgotten kayak run (now visited only by geocachers I think) to where you can right down on the river.


180 degree panorma

The river is up several feet and was pretty wild. It would be easy to drown in this water if you were not careful.

A 12 second video of the water. Loud and fast. Thank goodness and the Corps of Engineers for Keystone Dam upstream of Tulsa or things could really be interesting. Tulsa used to have bad flooding way back when before the dam was put in.


Running back I got this subtle reflection of the river of a condo across the way. You can tell why we call northeast Oklahoma “Green Country.” Everything is greening up this year with all the rain we have had.


The shadows are longer. Time to go home, shower, eat dinner and down a cold one ( or two.)

Have you gone any adventures yet?

A Week in Photographs

I take pictures  all the time. I carry my cell phone, an ipod, and my Nikon point and shoot with me everywhere.

#trees during my lunch walk in #downtowntulsa on a a freezing cold sunny day dodging the panhandlers and avoiding the spice addicts #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok #igerstulsa

I take walks at lunch. Generally about one or two miles and I go all over downtown. I always pay attention to my surroundings and nearby people and I’ve had to pay extra attention. We have a new crop of homeless people downtown. It has changed the complexion of downtown and how people perceive the homeless. The new, younger, more thuggish group is a lot more aggressive than the older people who were the most polite homeless people I’ve ever seen. There is a lot more drug dealing downtown and it is done right out in the open and the participants don’t seem at all concerned about who sees them. This is a disturbing trend.

#geocaching at the end of the road #westtulsa #tulsa #oklahoma #oklahomaskies

On another noon day I went out to west Tulsa to find a geocache. It was the first time I had been noon geocaching in a long time. The cache was on an abandoned road. How exactly does one decide to abandon a road? Anyway, it was fun.


About two weeks ago I moved offices in our building from the 17th floor to the 5th. So my views to the west for sunsets is different. No more views of the refinery or the Arkansas River. Instead I get the above. I’m not complaining.

Late afternoon #sun in #downtowntulsa #quittingtime #tulsa #igersok #igerstulsa

But hey I got a different view toward the city center also. Everything always seems to work out.


Got my teeth cleaned and xrays. No cavities!!! I hardly ever have cavities. The secret is regular flossing. I always floss the night before I go see the dentist.


This morning I took the kid to school on my day off. After I dropped him off I parked on the Arkansas River and walked a little and took some pictures. I loved this bench and the bare branches of the tree, along with the River and the swell of Turkey Mountain in the background.



Friday night Logan had a comedy improv show. Laughing Matter Teen Improv at Clark Theater is a lot of fun. Logan is second from the left. We have been going for years and it has been fun watching these young people grow up.

So that is what I’ve been up to, what about you?

Weekend Reflections – Glassy Building

TCC Building - Topaz Glow

I’m experimenting with a new Topaz Labs product “Topaz Glow.” I thought it made the reflection in the building pop out quite a bit. They have a 30 day free trial program on almost everything they sell which is quite handy.

Do you use Topaz products? What do you think of them?

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Wolf Moon

#moon #fullmoon #canonsx40hs #oklahomaskies #myoklahoma

We had a really nice moon the other night so I grabbed my Canon SX40HS SuperZoom and went out there and superzoomed it. Not knowing much about I was trying the Aperture Priority settings, holding it in my hand,  and not getting much of anywhere with it. A bunch of fuzzy wuzzy blobs in the sky. So I went inside and googled “How to take pictures of the moon with the Canon SX40HS” and I found a video.

It’s by an English chick and she said to just use the Auto setting but use a tripod. So that was what I did. I was way superzoomed and even using the timer and the tripod the image was  moving around but I did get lucky with one shot. So I’m all excited about the camera again. I just need to be checking the English chick’s videos on the camera. She has dozens of them covering all aspects of the camera.

I posted the photo on Instagram cuz I was kind of proud of it and people were nice and all but some guy got on there and accused me of stealing the photo from him. Like, that got my righteous ire up and going. So I blocked and reported him as Inappropriate. That’ll teach him.

My friend Tom, the great hunter and outdoorsman, told me that the January full moon is called the Wolf Moon. And turns out it is true. At least according to the Farmers Almanac and they are never wrong are they? I love the name. So I’ve been a Wolf Moon shooting fool.

Wolf Moon over Turkey Mountain #moon #wolfmoon #turkeymountain #igersok #tulsa #oklahoma #myoklahoma #oklahomaskies

This grainy pic is from my Nikon and it shows a faint Wolf Moon over my favorite place in Tulsa, Turkey Mountain. I probably need to see what the English chick says about my little Nikon.

Full Moon,  (the Wolf Moon) over south Tulsa from Turkey Mountain. #fullmoon #wolfmoon #southtulsa #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok #running #nightrunning #trailrunning #cityscape

And this grainy photo of the Wolf Moon is from last night and it is from the top of Turkey Mountain looking east over south Tulsa. So it is the companion pic to the one above.  I have taken to running at night on the trails of Turkey Mountain once a week or so with a group of people. We run with headlights and it takes a little getting used to. You definitely have to keep your eyes on the ground. I’m one of the older and lots slower guys and they are nice and wait for me as I pick my around the rocks and roots. I haven’t fallen or sprained anything yet but I’ve stumbled a few times.  I’m about at the point where I’m ready to go by myself a time or two up on the mountain. (Shhhhhh, don’t tell Heather!!! She wouldn’t be happy by that plan.)

The “Mayor” of Turkey Mountain and fellow blogger and geocacher, Trailzombie wrote a post on his blog of our adventure on Turkey Mountain. Check it out here.

So, that is about it for today and what I want to know are two things.

One, where do you to learn how to use your camera?

Second, do you have any pics of the Wolf Moon.

And third, has anybody accused you of stealing their photos?  How did you respond. You only have to answer that if you are innocent.  Or you can confess if you want. We are all about forgiveness on Yogi’s Den.

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Downtown Tulsa – Doing the Lartigue Shuffle

I own a lot of cameras. Three of them are pretty good the rest are just plain weird. At least to some. One of my favorites is the Takashi Digital Effects 521 camera.  It is a 5 MP digital camera with fixed focus, several special effects modes, and most intriguing, no shutter. Yep, that is right no shutter. You press the button and the sensor scans the image. So what you say? I’ll tell you what. If you get the camera moving while the sensor scans you can get an interesting effect named the Lartigue Effect.


So I can make all the buildings sway to the left.


And I can make them lean to the right.


Or I can make them shimmy in place.


The camera can take regular pics. They are kind of fuzzy just do the low fi nature of the device. I have to tell you that I love the look of the photo above.


Or I can make it shoot in a negative mode.

I have fun with my funky little low tech over priced camera.

What do you have fun with?

Instagram Love

I’m addicted to Instagram. I like creating and uploading pictures and I like looking at photographs of the people I follow. It is crazy the number of photos out there. Every once in a while a company will repost a picture of mine. (After asking permission of course.) That is great because they typically have a lot more followers than I do and the pics get more recognition. Below are two such examples.

Instagram - Quik Trip

Quik Trip is a Tulsa based convenience store chain that IMHO beats the crap out of any other convenience store I have ever seen. One rainy morning I was filling my car with gas and thought that the store with the wet parking lot and ominous clouds might make a decent pic. It did and I got a few dozen “likes” (Likes are like crack to us Instagram addicts). Quik Trip asked permission a couple months later to repost it and it got a pretty good response.

Instagram - NewsOK

This pic is kind of grainy. I was downtown yesterday morning and noticed that the colored drunk-driver-proof fountain and the blue Christmas lights make a decent pic. So I went up there and tried to get an interesting pic somehow. These guys came walking by headed off I think to the Iron Gate ministry to get some breakfast and I took a pic of them walking by the fountain and then cropped it close. (That is why it is so grainy.  NewsOK, the online arm of the Daily Oklahoman reposted the pic

I have about two thousand pics on Instagram, some good, many bad, and a whole bunch in the muddling middle. I find it a lot of fun.

Philbrook Museum’s Tempietto

Tempietto Topaz Impressions Colored Pencil I

Sometimes I think I take too many photographs of some scenes. LIke the  tempietto in the gardens at Philbrook Museum of Art for instance. I think it is one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen especially with the reflecting pool in front of it.

Based on a tip from Spare Parts and Pics I downloaded the  Topaz’s Impressions program. It converts photographs to look like a painting or drawing. The above pic uses one of the “Colored Pencils” presettings. The program is a little expensive, at least for me, so I’m “messing” with it on a 30 day free trial. Let me know what you think of it. For comparision the original photo is below. It is not SOOC though. It is an HDR composite. Just in case you are new to this blog I need to tell you that I don’t worship pics straight out of the camera (“SOOC”).


Let me know what you think!

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Skywatch Friday – Neighborhood Sky

#sunset in the neighborhood #best_skyshots #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok

The family went out to eat this weekend. When we got home the sky was ablaze.

And I cheated a little bit. The free generic android phone I use has an in-camera HDR function and I amped it up a little more with my favorite camera app Snapseed. Plus a car turned down the street at just the right time to add an exclamation mark to the whole thing. And then I posted it to Instagram and Facebook. So I’m a multiple non-repentant cheater.

Have you ever cheated? Tell me about it. I promise not to tell anybody but my closest thousand friends. Confession is good for you.

Skywatch Friday

Foto Fun Friday – Sting Edition


This week’s number was 1414 and what came up for me was Sting. Heather and I found him in concert at an Indian casino in southern Oklahoma just north of Dallas. I took my good camera to the concert and endured numerous finger waving ushers to put my camera away. You kidding me dude, you charge this much for tickets, and no pictures. No way Ray!!

I put together a blog post and I got a tweet from Sting’s tour that they liked it and another tweet from the tribe that owned the casino that they liked my post also. So…. I’ll keep taking pics at concerts. I mean they are selling music not photos right!! Plus we had cocktails with Sting’s keyboard player David Sancious. He is a very nice and gracious guy who got his start in Bruce Springsteen’s E street band. This year he toured with Peter Gabriel in Europe and is now touring with Sting and Paul Simon on their tour “On Stage Together.” We spent a lot of time talking with Mr. Sancious  and I had my camera and I was not going to ask him for a photo. Sorry, it didn’t feel right.

Foto Friday Fun