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Pixar’s “Inside Out” with Amy Poehler and Kaitlyn Dies

If you are looking for a fun animated movie with a little depth this weekend check out Inside Out by Pixar. It is a fun flick.

The movie is out a little girl, Riley, who leaves a happy life in the midwest to go to San Francisco so her Dad can start a new job.

Well, San Francisco doesn’t have her friends and everything is new and it is all overwhelming and things start to get out of control at home and at school.

In an imaginative twist most of the action of the movie takes place in Riley’s mind where the characters of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust are all vying for control of her mind as Riley deals with the changes she is encountering. It really is a fascinating movie and is very well done. It is rated PG and is okay to take all but the most sensitive little ones.

And there is more. The best part of seeing the movie may not be the movie itself but a “short” feature before the movie. It is a wonderful little film called “Lava” about a volcano who for millions of years sings for someone to come “Lava” him. It is just a few minutes long but it kind of steals the show.

The short is utterly charming and gets one in the right mood for the feature.

Check out Inside Out’s web site. Lots of fun stuff to look at there.