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Skywatch Friday – Baseball Sky

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One of my favorite things to do is watch baseball games. I don’t give a flip about them on television but I love watching live baseball, everything from little kids playing tball on up to the major leagues. I love it all. Here in Tulsa we have a AA Professional Baseball Team, The Drillers, in honor of Tulsa’s legacy as “Oil Capital of the World.” AA is two levels below the major leagues but the players and the games are still excellent. A lot of the guys we see playing will be in the major leagues in a few years. The Drillers play in a beautiful downtown ballpark, ONEOK Field and the way it is situated, one can see some great skies.

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Tulsa’s Redbud Valley Nature Preserve


We recently ventured out to Tulsa Redbud Nature Preserve for a family outing recently. The preserve is in east Tulsa and you drive past trucking yard and pipe coating mills to get to it and it is worth the drive. It is a fairly small preserve but important and was acquired by the Nature Conservancy before it was transferred to the City of Tulsa because it has plant and animal species found nowhere else in northeastern Oklahoma. Since the emphasis is on preservation and not recreation they have restricted hours and allow only foot traffic. Leave your bicycles and horses home. Check the link above for the hours. They are generally open from eight to five and are currently closed on Monday and Tuesday.


They have about 2.5 miles of hiking trails. Much of it is along a cliff face that contains caves and springs and requires some care while hiking. It is fun but watch your step.


This is our family portrait. My fancy schmancy wrap around camera tripod was missing a part so we did the old wedge the camera in a tree any which way we can trick.


Here you go, bark bokeh.

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Two and a half miles doesn’t sound like much but it took us a while and we enjoyed it.

And of course with Garmin you can follow along on our hike.

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