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Water World Wednesday – At the Beach


We were on vacation last week on the Alabama coast. The coast means beach and the beach means water, lots of water. I had some waterproof recyclable cameras and I took them out in the water. They are not as good as digital cameras but they took a good soaking and kept on going. And to be truthful I like the timeless look that some of them like the above have.


I could fearlessly hold the cameras just a few inches off the water. I have a “waterproof” camera also but I would never risk it. Sorry, I’m an engineer and I don’t care how good the seals and gaskets are, they will fail at some point.


I beg your pardon for the selfie. And no, I wasn’t drunk. ¬†After getting a gouge taken out of my forehead this year I’m in a high spf mode these days, note the big hat and the technical shirt which worked great in the water. I didn’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable at all.


Well, this is more like it. Heather and I really like the beach.


Another pic of son, He is a great swimmer and is like a fish. We’ve been taking him to the beach for years.

Water World Wednesday